How Grades in Bio W1015 are Figured Out  Last Update 07/25/2011


This is the system for 2011. There are 4 mini-exams & a final. Everyone must take the final, but the final will be weighed differently, depending on whether you attended recitation or not. See options below. Since you never know what will come up, it is better not to skip any mini-exams. (If you get 100% on the first 3, you can skip #4.) Since recitation is usually graded very leniently, and helps you master the material, it almost always pays to attend recitation regularly. Everyone is required to do homework, but attendance at recitation is optional. Whether you attend recitation or not, forming a study group is highly recommended. For details, see studygroup.html.



Option 1: You do not attend recitation. In that case, you must take all 4 mini-exams (plus the final), and your course grade is determined as follows:


4 mini-exams. (160 pts; 40 each). If you miss one, it counts as a zero.


Homework 40 pts


Final counts 100 pts.


Total points possible = 300. (The total is the same for all options.)


Note that if you do not attend recitation you MUST take all 4 mini-exams and the final. If you miss any of these, the missed exam counts as a zero.



Options 2. You DO attend recitation (or form a formal study group). In that case, you get to drop one of your mini-exams, and your course grade is determined as follows:


3 best mini-exams. (120pts; 40 each). If you miss one, that is the one that is dropped, because there will be NO makeups.


Recitation (or study group grade) 80 pts


Homework  40 pts


Final counts 60 pts.


Total points possible = 300.


Note: In the past we had additional options, but no one used them, and they were very complicated, so we have ditched them.




 Last update 07/25/2011