Advice for Introductory Biology Students

Biology C2005/F2401 is significantly different from most introductory biology courses -- it covers a narrower range of topics, but goes into each one more deeply. Students often ask for advice on how to succeed in this course. Here is what we (profs, TA's, and successful students) think works best.  Please let us know at the end of the term if this worked for you and/or if you have additional suggestions.

The "Top 10" ways to succeed in Biology C2005/F2401 (from the instructors)

Additional advice for aspiring students (from the instructors)

Advice from former students (& TA's)

What to do in a Study Group (from the instructors)

Problem Solving Tips  All the tips that relate to the problems have been collected here, plus some additional advice.

What do we mean by 'Explain your answer?'