Biology C2005 / F2401 - Fall 2010    Study Groups

Last updated: 09/22/10 09:59

We will list here students who express an interest in joining or forming a study group.  We will not do anything to form such groups; that is up to you, using this list. If you would like us to put your name and email address on this list, or to remove your name, email Jessie Kunkler at

Interested in Forming a Study Group?  Don't know who to ask?  Contact one of the people listed below and/or email Jessie if you want your name added.

Student E-mail address (all unless it says otherwise
Kwanza Price
Ilham Elkatani
Yaw Amankwah
Isabel del Canto
Max Cohen (I live in Brooklyn and would love to find others out here who need groups).
Yamira Bell

Kate Biblowitz
Yarin Espinal
Liza Hillenbrand (I live in Astoria if anyone else is out there who'd like to meet up).

Lee Ifhar
We are leaving off phone numbers in the interest of privacy (since this web page is world readable). Once you make contact by email, you can exchange phone numbers.

Some ideas for things to try in your study group:

1. Compare notes on that week's lectures. The sooner you do this after the lecture, the better. Don't recopy -- just fix up the parts that weren't clear. Fill in any details you missed and be sure you understand the major points of each lecture. If there is an example, ask yourselves, "What is the point?" If there is a principle, ask yourselves "Do we know a good example?"

2. Go over the study questions, old exam questions and/or recitation questions. Force yourselves to explain the answers to each other without using pronouns. Don't use "it." Say "amino acid" or "leucine" or "polypeptide." That way you are sure you all know what "it" is.

3. Give each other sample questions or quizzes -- take turns making up a question or two for the others to practice on.

4. Make summary charts and diagrams and/or other study aids. ("Make/Share/Compare")

5. Make a vocabulary list of all new terms for the week and check that you know the meaning and significance of all of them. (Don't waste time writing out definitions of all the terms -- spend your time on the terms that are unclear.)

Can't manage to form a study group? Still prefer to study by yourself? In that case, try all the ideas above but try to explain to yourself as clearly & thoroughly as if you were explaining to a fellow student.