Problem Book, 18th ed. (2007) Corrections Listed in Order of Problems

This is the page you need if you have the 18th edition, 2007.  You need to make the changes listed below AND the additional changes needed to update to the 19th edition

12/14/07 Problem 15-4 -- Answer. The answer to part C should be 1/4 X (0.42/0.91)2. The decimal point before the 9 was accidentally omitted. 0.42/0.91= chance that a person with normal pheno will be carrier. Chance both (normal) parents will be carriers is (0.42/0.91)2.

12/7/07 Problems 14-9 to 14-12. These are the problems that should be on page 122. We accidentally reprinted page 121 instead. Click here for the missing page.

8/1/08    Problem 10-19, part B -- Answer. The RF (in %) = 10.2, not 10.5

7/31/08 Problem 10R-5, part B -- Answer. There is a typo in line 4 of the answer to part B. It says aB instead of ab. Yellow X red will give AB, aB, Ab, and ab (if AaBb) or AB and aB (if AaBB). 

10/11/07 Problem 4-13. Reaction X should be Glucose-P + ATP 2 glyceraldehyde-3-P + ADP. The '2' is missing.

7/31/08   Problem 8R-3, part D -- Answer. The last paragraph of the answer should read 'The two chromosomes can line up two ways....' Delete the word 'homologous' -- this is a haploid organism and none of the chromosomes are homologous.

8/1/08 Problem 7-14. -- Answer. You need 3 lys-tRNA per ribosome, not 2, because the E site will not empty until the A site is filled. The answer in the older editions do not take the E site into account.

10/9/07 Problem Set 6 -- Answers: The answers to problem set #6 are missing -- the questions are repeated where the answers should be. Click here for the key to problem set 6.