Biology C2006 / F2402 -- Spring 2011  -- Exam #2-- last update 03/09/2011 08:31 PM

Click Here for Exam 2 Room Assignments

Where is the exam?

Exam #2 - Thursday March. 10, 2011

You will have 2 hrs to complete the exam. You do NOT have to stay that long -- but you can if you wish! The room & time to which you are assigned are posted -- see link above. See below if you have a conflict.
Session 1 (Most  students) 5:40 to 7:40 in either 417 IAB or 309 Havemeyer. (Please go to your assigned room.)
Session 2 (Overflow)* 7:30 - 9:30

*We do not have enough rooms for everyone to take the exam at 5:40. Therefore some students have been arbitrarily assigned to session 2. Students with a conflicting course or work schedule may take the exam at the 'other time.'  If you need to switch, please email Jessie Kunkler You must provide Dr. M or Jessie with a printout of your schedule (with your name) that shows the conflict , or a note from your supervisor at work. If there are any other problems, email Jessie immediately. Students who take the exam at the wrong time without signing up in advance will receive a zero.

Conditions: No electronic devices  are allowed, either visible or on your person-- no calculators, cell phones, Blackberries, Ipods, etc. All electronic devices should be left at home or stored in briefcases or backpacks.  Students found to have a cell phone on their person (e.g., in a pocket) will receive a zero for the exam.


What should I study?

Lectures 7-13
Problem book All or part of Prob. Sets 3, 3R, 4, 4R, 14, & 14A. See probs to do page.
Recitation problems 4-7 (7 and key to 7 are posted)
Review Questions RQ for Ex. 2 Key to RQ for Ex. 2

Where and when can I get help?    

Additional Office Hours will be added, and/or rooms may change. Please check for updates. Office hrs. are in 744E Mudd -- unless otherwise noted. TAs will also hold all normal recitations for the week unless your TA has notified you otherwise.






Tue 3/8 12-1 744 E Mudd Andy Kim Off. Hrs.
Tue 1:15-2:15 1107 Fairchild Dr. M Off. Hrs.
Tue 3:30-4:30 744 E Mudd Dr. Heicklen Off. Hrs.
Tue 5:30-6:30 744 E Mudd Andrew Lehr Off. Hrs.
Tue 7-8:30 744 E Mudd Jason Off. Hrs.
Tues 8-10 PM 203 Math Justin Review (Q & A)
Wed 3/9 11am -12 744 E Mudd Dr. Heicklen Off. Hrs
Wed 2:15-4 744 E Mudd Shalom Off. Hrs.
Wed 3-4 1107 Fairchild Justin Off. Hrs.
Wed 4-5 744 E Mudd Megan Off. Hrs.
Wed 5-6 744 E Mudd Chris Off. Hrs.
Wed 6-7 744 E Mudd Dr. M Off. Hrs.
Wed 7-8 Butler Lounge Thomas Off. hrs.
Wed 7:30-9:30 744 E Mudd Daniel Off. Hrs.
Wed 8:30-10:30 744 E Mudd Leah Off. Hrs.
Thu 3/10 10:35 - 11:50 am   417 IAB (usual am classroom) Dr. M* Review -- Q & A.
*Dr. M will be not be available for off. hrs. on Thurs, so please come earlier or attend the review if you wish to speak to her.