UN2006/ UN2402    Spring '17                                   Print this page and staple to your paper.

 Name _____________________________________           Number of extra points you think are warranted:______ 

Registered in:       UN2006, Section 1 (am) _____        UN2006, Section 2 (pm) _____        UN2402______

Check one:

______      My answer is the same as the one given in the answer key, but the grader didn't realize it.  
______      My answer is different from the one given in the answer key, but it is an equally good answer.  











I hereby assert that I have not modified the attached paper in any way since it was graded.  I understand that altering an exam prior to submitting a regrade request is a violation of Columbia University regulations regarding academic honesty, and may lead to disciplinary action.

Signature        ____________________________________________               Today's date __________________________
To be completed by instructor:     

Original grade ______

_____   Grade was raised / lowered to _______

_____   Grade was not revised because:

____   You failed to show that you understood the difference between your answer and the answer key. 
____   You have been given the same partial credit as other students who wrote a similar answer.
____   Your answer is not correct, because ____________________________________.