2006/F2402 TUTORS 

This list will be updated shortly for Spring '13  Last updated: Wednesday, January 02, 2013 05:33 PM

Anyone listed for C2005 of '12 is probably continuing.

We do not guarantee any of the following tutors. However, all of the following students  took C2005/6 or F2401/2 and did well,  and all indicated an interest in tutoring at one time. (We assume they are still interested -- we will check shortly and take off names of those who are not interested any more.) They are listed in random order.

Unless it says otherwise, all email addresses are @columbia.edu, and tutor is an undergrad in CC.

You may also want to contact the Academic Success Program (CC/SEAS) which runs a free group tutoring service for undergraduates.  For more info,go to: http://www.studentaffairs.columbia.edu/asp/tutoring/
GS also runs a tutoring service through the Academic Resources Program.

Additional Names may be added as we go

Academic Success Programs (CC/SEAS):   asp; X43514
Academic Resources (GS)   lal48; X42882
Rebecca Bausell rbausell@gmail.com Postbac
Raphy Rosen rjr2123 CC
Catherine Chang csc2104 Med student; former TA
Mohammed Shaik mas2251 Former TA

If you need additional help finding a tutor, or wish to volunteer to be a tutor, contact Dr. Mowshowitz (dbm2).