Good Web sites for Bio C2006/F2402 last update 04/14/2016

This page has links to web sites that students of Bio C2006/F2402 may find interesting and/or helpful. The web sites contain animations, explanations, pictures etc., that are relevant to the course.  (The list is not complete; I'll add to it as we go.)  Please let me (dbm2) know if any of the web sites are useful, if any of them are nonfunctional, and/or if you find any other good ones. The order here is arbitrary.

These links have not been checked for 'link rot' recently. If you find any that don't work, please notify Dr. M or Amanda.

Harvard Video "The inner life of the cell"

    Long version with commentary

    Short version with music

And this is the cut version that shows how kinesin works

    Short version without music

Focal Adhesions Animation (recommended by a student)

A summary of medical biochemistry:

For neurobiology, try

Comparative Organology -- Pictures of just about every piece of anatomy

    Index to everything

    Index to section on cells & tissues

Animations from Biology, 7th edition (by Raven et al) from McGraw-Hill

Animations from Sumanas (Includes those from Lodish text)

Animations from the HHMI UCI Professor Program Includes videos on how to take notes and on many topics covered in intro bio such as immunofluorescence.

American Society for Cell Biology (ASCB) Image & Video Library

This includes actual movies and pictures as well as animations. These may be more detailed than needed for this course, but you'll enjoy them anyway. A student recommends this one:
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Colorado Bio Course Overheads

The following page has links to overheads from a Molecular and Cellular Biology course at the University of Colorado. You may find the pictures useful. Some are from books and some are like my drawings on the board, but clearer, and in color. The site was recommended by a student.

Hypertexts for the Biomedical Sciences
from Colorado State U. Includes some animations

Has sections on endocrinology and other topics.


Nobel Prize Web Site

There is a wealth of interesting material on this web site. Many of the Nobel prizes in physiology & medicine, or in chemistry, and have been awarded for discoveries relevant to this course. For Example:

The web site for the Sadava text  This is for the 7th edition. It includes all the figures and some animations. This is for the 8th edition. This is for the 9th edition.

HHMI Web Site -- Biointeractive

There are many good movies and other resources on the HHMI web site at

For animations of DNA, transcription, etc. go to

For the nucleosome movie shown in class, go to

Animations on biochemistry & physiology from Physiovia

There are additional animations from the same author on Youtube; many are on entomology, or are in German, but some seem worth it. There is a list at:

Looking for more background information?

Wikipedia can be very helpful but you often need more. Good online resources are Kimball's online textbook & the Bookshelf at Pubmed.

Try Scitable -- An educational web site maintained by a consortium including the publishers of Nature that focuses on Cell Biology and Genetics.

    Their home page is at

    Their Cell Bio site is at

The Bookshelf at PubMed has online versions of the Lodish and the Alberts Cell & Molecular Biology books, as well as The Cell - A Molecular Approach by Cooper.  Last time I checked, the bookshelf did not include any physiology books, but it includes the complete text of excellent  books on biochemistry, cell biology, endocrinology, microbiology, development,  immunology, etc.  (Generally the next to latest edition is online.) You can search through all these books at once, by typing in a term such as "microtubules", and you'll get links to the pages in each book that mention this term.  For Kimball, you also type in a search term.

Khan Academy

For a list of all the biology related videos from Khan Academy, go to  There are lots of short videos on many of the topics covered in this course. Each video is an explanation with drawings (like a chalkboard, but using colored markers) of a single topic.  A student says 'It's like Dr. M's lectures, but slower.' (And it's in color.) This is a great resource if you learn better from lectures than from books.

The Virtual Cell Web Site

This includes many animations of different cellular processes. A student recommends the one on mitochondria:

Videos on YouTube
[] -- There are zillions of bio related animations on YouTube, but not all are high quality. (Please email Dr. M if you find any good ones.) The following were recommended by Students. Some of this covers material from last term, but is fun anyway.

1. Action Potential. From a student: This YouTube video helped me to see how ligand gated channels trigger the opening of the voltage gated channels, and the difference between the 2.  There are lots of details but it might be helpful for other people too...

3. Chromatin, etc. This video starts with how DNA is packed into chromosomes, and then has DNA replication, transcription & translation.

Online course web sites -- courses similar to C2006/F2402 with extensive online material  These lectures are available in html or in pdf. They include very nice pictures and diagrams.

Student noticed nice pictures of RME in the appropriate lecture. Go to

For some spectacular microscope pictures, take a look at the Cell Picture Show, at


The following are about material from the fall term, but are fun anyway.

PCR This is a song that is basically an ad by the company that sells PCR equipment, but it is fun anyway.

Berg's Protein Synthesis Movie  This is an oldie but goodie animation (with people) of protein synthesis. A molecular happening.