How do ECBM E3060 (Intro to Genomic Info) and BIOL W3037 (Whole Genome Bioinformatics) Compare?

One difference between ECBM E3060 and BIOL W3037 is that the former course (E3060) offers a broad overview and introduction to a wide range of topics in computational biology, while the latter course (W3037) treats a more limited set of topics in greater depth and puts an emphasis on the use of statistics and working with actual experimental data. Another difference is that Matlab is used as the programming language for E3060, while W3037 is based on Perl. Students new to genomics and/or programming will benefit from first taking E3060 and then W3037, but E3060 is not a requirement for W3037. Keep in mind, however, that E3060 does not count toward your elective credits as a Biology major. If you need more information, contact the instructors. Dr. Anastassiou for E3060 and Dr. Bussemaker for W3037.