Books and paper collections on mutation and cell hybridization and mapping in cultured mammalian cells (old but still useful)

1. Benjamin Lewin. 1980 Gene Expression. Vol. 2. Eucaryotic chromosomes. Second edition. Wiley. NY. QH 450. l48 .1980. Chapters 6, 8 and 9. The best and most concise summary of many of the basic issues in mammalian cell genetics, mostly resolved by 1980.

2. Robert Pollack. 1981. Readings in mammalian cell culture. Second edition. Cold Spring Harbor Lab., NY. QH585. R43 1981. A collection of papers from the literature. Chapters 8 and 9 and scattered other papers.

3. Richard Davidson. 1984. Somatic Cell Genetics. Benchmark Papers in Genetics/14. Hutchinson Ross. Stroudsberg. QH451. S64. 1984. Another collection of papers.

4. John Morrow. 1983. Eukaryotic Cell Genetics. Academic Press. NY. (On permanent reserve.) First few chapters. Should be read with a critical eye.

5. N.R. Ringertz and R.E. Savage. 1976. Cell Hybrids. Academic Press, NY. All about the early cell hybridization experiments. Old but very good.

6.  Henry Harris, University of Oxford 1995.  The Cells of the Body: A History of
Somatic Cell Genetics. Cold Spring Harbor Press. NY.  A newer book with a historical slant by a somatic cell genetics pioneer.  I have not  read it.