Reference Reading List for W4158

Prof. Geoffrey Zubay
Spring 2002

Books on Course Reserves:

1. The Secret Life of Germs. P.M. Tierno; Jr. Pocket Books, 2001.

2. Germs. J. Miller, S. Engelberg and W. Broad; Simon and Schuster, 2001

3. The Plague Makers. W. Barnaby; Contiuum, 2000.

4. The Coming Plague. L. Garrett; Penguin, 1994.

5. Virus Hunters. Peters and Oshaller; Anchor Books, 1998.

6. Chemical & Biological Terrorism. National Academy Press. 1999.

Reference Volumes ( shelved on course reserve):

1. Fundamental Virology. 4th edition. Knipe and Lamb Eds.

2. Fields Virology , Vol 1 & 2.

3. Bergey’s Manual of Systematic Microbiology, Vol II.

Reference Volumes:

1. Dictionary of Microbiology and Molecular Biology. Singleton Paul.

2. Dictionary of Virology. Mahy, B.W.J.

3. Encyclopedia of Microbiology. 2000.

4. Encyclopedia of Virology. 1999.

Online Resources:

1. Biology Library Homepage: Medline on Ovid, Electronic Journals Websites

2. Cieslak, TJ. Christopher GW. Kortepeter MG. Rowe JR. Pavlin JA.

Culpepper RC. Eitzen EM Jr.

Immunization against potential biological warfare agents.

Clinical Infectious Diseases. 30(6):843-50, 2000 Jun. Title at HSL.

3. Smallpox and Its Eradication. Fenner, D.A., Henderson, I., Arita Z., Ladnyi , I. Published by WHO in 1988.

4. U.S. Gov’t documents from the National Technical Information Service.

Bibliography by Onnalee Henneberry, C.D.C.