Instructor Information

Lili Yamasaki Ph.D.
Director, MA in Biotechnology Program
Office Address: 1212 Amsterdam Ave. MC 2407
Telephone Number: 212-854-4042


open only to MA Biotechnology students




Laboratory research gives students a chance to participate in an actual research laboratory experience.  In addition to specific research techniques, students will learn practical skills in planning, critical thinking, and troubleshooting, thus connecting knowledge learned in the classroom with the research field.  Students will benefit from working as part of a team, alongside experts in the field.  Through their mentors and colleagues, students may also establish professional networks for their career development.  



Course content

Students enrolled in the M.A. Program in Biotechnology have the opportunity to receive academic credit while conducting research related to biotechnology under the sponsorship of a faculty mentor within the University or outside the University within the New York City Metropolitan Area unless otherwise approved by the Program. Credits received from this course may be used to fulfill the laboratory requirement for the degree.

Students may work on a significant research problem related to their professional needs. The student and the mentor determine the nature and extent of this independent study.  In some laboratories, the student may be assigned to work with a postdoctoral fellow, graduate student or a senior member of the laboratory, who is in turn supervised by the mentor.   The mentor is responsible for mentoring and evaluating the student's progress and performance.

L. Yamasaki coordinates this course.  The coordinator is responsible for determining the appropriateness of the project in meeting degree requirements.  The coordinator also serves as a liaison between the Department of Biological Sciences and the mentor.  The coordinator assigns a grade at the end of the semester, strongly dependent on the grade recommendation from the mentor.