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W3700y - Independent Clinical Research

Prerequisites: In order to register for this course, a student must first meet with a mentor and receive approval from the mentor for a independent clinical research proposal that will give the student a project which can be initiated and completed within the semester. BIOL 3700 will provide an opportunity for students interested in independent research work in a hospital or hospice setting. In these settings, where patients and their needs are paramount, and where IRB rules and basic medical ethics make "Wet-lab biology research" inappropriate, undergraduate may well find a way nevertheless, to assist and participate in ongoing clinical research. Such students, once they have identified a mentor willing to provide support, participation, and advising, may apply to the faculty member in charge of the course for 1-4 points/semester in BIOL W3700, where one point equals 4 hr/week throughout the semester.

This course will closely follow procedures already in place for BIOL 3500, but will ask potential mentors and students to provide a proposal in which students will gain hands-on experience in a clinical setting, as part of a hospital- or hospice-based research project that can be completed within the semester.

Number of Credits: 1-4
Semester: spring  2013

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Section Number: 001
Days of the Week: by arrangement
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Instructor: Robert Pollack