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Combined deficiency of p50 and cRel in CD4+ T cells reveals an essential requirement for nuclear factor kappaB in regulating mature T cell survival and in vivo function.
Amer Beg ()
Protein components produced by certain bacteria can induce lethal shock in humans. One of the most important types of these proteins is Staphylococcal enterotoxin B (SEB). This "superantigen" induces polyclonal activation and proliferation of T lymphocytes, resulting in large systemic infusion of pro-inflammatory cytokines. To understand possible mechanisms responsible for SEB-induced T cell proliferation, we tested the potential role of NF-kB transcription factors in this process. As shown, SEB induces strong proliferation of wild-type but not NF-kB deficient T cells. These results therefore indicate that NF-kB inhibition may be efficacious in suppressing SEB induced shock in humans.

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