November 20, 1933
Woodhaven, Queens County
New York, NY


Married Katharine Lippitt, June 29, 1957


B.S. Cornell University, 1955
M.A. Harvard University, 1957
Ph.D. Harvard University, 1959


Teaching Fellow, Harvard University, 1955-1957.
N.S.F. Predoctoral Fellow, Harvard University, 1957-1959.
N.S.F. Postdoctoral Fellow, Anatomisches Institut der Universität, Frankfurt a. Main, West Germany (with Prof. Dr. D.

Starck), 1959-1961.

Assistant Professor, Department of Zoology, University of Illinois, 1961-1964.

Associate Professor, Department of Zoology, University of Illinois, 1964-1965.

Assistant Professor, Department of Zoology,

Columbia University, 1965-1966.

Associate Professor of Evolutionary Biology, Department of

Biological Sciences, Columbia University, 1966-1973.

Professor of Evolutionary Biology, Department of Biological

Sciences, Columbia University, 1973-present.

Research Associate, Department of Ornithology, American Museum of Natural History, 1965-present.

Adjunct Professor, Section of Ecology and Evolution, Graduate Faculty, City University of New York, 1988-present.

Visiting Lecturer, University of Camerino, Italy, October 1991


National Science Foundation: 1962-1979.

Studies on the morphology of the feeding apparatus

(jaw and tongue) relationships of songbirds.


National Institutes of Health: 1966-1969.

Mechanical properties of avian fast and slow muscles.


National Science Foundation: 1979-1980

Symposium at 1979 meeting of American Society of Zoologists

"Functional morphology and classification."


National Academy of Science: 1981-1982

Exchange program with USSR.


Functional and evolutionary morphology of the avian feeding apparatus.

Mechanical properties of vertebrate skeletal muscles.

Analyses of the classification and evolutionary

history of birds.

  Theoretical analyses of comparative biology, higher level systematics, biological adaptation, and major evolutionary change.

  The Reference List of Birds of the World - a check list to the avian taxa of the world.

  Biomechanical analysis of complex muscle-bone systems.


American Ornithologists' Union (Fellow, 1970)

Wilson Ornithological Society

Cooper Ornithological Society

British Ornithologists' Union (Corresponding

Member, 1989)

Deutschen Ornithologen-Gesellschaft (Corresponding

Member, 1974, Honorary Member, 1993)

Royal Australasian Ornithologists' Union

American Society of Zoologists

American Society of Naturalists

Society for the Study of Evolution

Society of Systematic Biology

American Association for the Advancement of

Science (Fellow, 1979)

History of Science Society

Philosophy of Science Association

International Society of the History, Philosophy

and Social Study of Biology

British Society for the History of Science


Program Officer, Division Vertebrate Morphology,

American Society of Zoologists, 1970 - 1972.

Treasurer, American Society of Naturalists, 1978 - 1980,

and member, Executive Committee, 1978 - 1984.

Program Officer, Division of History and Philosophy

of Biology, American Society of Zoologists, 1985 - 87.

Permanent Secretary, International Ornithological

Committee (International Ornithological Congress),

1986 - present.

Commissioner, International Commission for Zoological

Nomenclature, October, 1988 - present.


Fellow, American Ornithologists' Union, 1970.

Corresponding Member, Deutschen Ornithological-Gesellschaft, 1974.

Coues Award, American Ornithologists' Union, 1975.

Corresponding Member, Senckenberg Naturforschenden Gesellschaft,

Frankfurt, a.M., 1977.

Fellow, American Association for the Advancement of Science, 1979.

Corresponding Member, British Ornithologists' Union, 1989.

Honorary Member, Deutschen Ornithological-Gesellschaft, 1993.



Contributions to Vertebrate Evolution, S. Karger,

1975 - 1982

Zoomorphology, Springer Verlag, 1977 - 1991.

Consulting Editor, McGraw-Hill Encyclopedia of Science

and Technology - Animal Anatomy, Animal Systematics,

Vertebrate Biology, 1967 - 1993.

Board of advisory Editors, Americana Encyclopedia,

1984 - 1993.

Consulting Editor, McGraw-Hill, "Classification and

synopsis of living organisms", 1976 - 1984.

Acta Biotheoretica, 1985 - present.

Japanese Journal of Zoology, 1986 - present.

Oxford University Press, series on Families

of Birds, 1988 - present.

Zoologischer Anzeiger, 1994 - present.

Walter Bock's Bibliography