Research training for graduate students

Graduate students in the laboratory (Ph.D. and M.D./Ph.D. students) enter through

The course, examination and laboratory rotation requirements are specific to each program and you should consult these web sites to determine which academic preparation is most appropriate for your interests.

Graduate student members of the laboratory will usually join the laboratory as a rotation student during their first year of training. Full time research towards the Ph.D. begins in the second or third year of training (depending on the program) and time to completion of the Ph.D. varies from 4 - 6 years (usually 5).

If you are considering the laboratory for your Ph.D. research you should first read the introduction to research of the laboratory posted on the lab web site. This is quite long but you can skip to the parts of particular interest. You should also read several recent papers and/or reviews; these are generally available as pdf files under Representative Publications on the lab web site. The next step is to contact Darcy, preferably by email (, to discuss potential research projects and timing for a rotation (Biology: Fall, Spring and summer rotations; Neurobiology: Fall, Spring and Summer rotations) or for joining the lab (EEEB). A broad range of ongoing projects are available to rotating graduate students and you do not have to plan on joining the lab to rotate with us, provided that we have room for you.

Current (Spring, 2011) graduate students carrying out Ph.D. research in the laboratory are:

Irene Ballagh (Doctoral program in Neurobiology and Behavior)

Charlotte Barkan (Doctoral program in Neurobiology and Behavior)

Recent graduates are:

Elizabeth Leininger: Columbia University Frontiers of Science Fellow

Erik Zornik: Boston University Post-doctoral Fellow in the laboratory of Ayako Yamaguchi

Taffeta Elliott: University of California at Berkeley Post-doctoral Fellow in the laboratory of Frederic Theurinssen

Brian Nasipak: University of Massachusetts Medical Center Post-doctoral Fellow in the Imbalzano laboratory