Undergraduate Research Projects

Undergraduates at Columbia College, Barnard College, General Studies and Engineering have participated in research in the laboratory as have students from other colleges and Universities (Oberlin, Penn, Harvard, Middlebury, Swarthmore are examples). If you think you are interested in doing research with us you should first read the introductory essay posted on the lab web page. This is quite long but is indexed so that you can skip to the bits of particular interest. The next step is to email Darcy (dbk3@columbia.edu) to see if there is space in the lab.

There are several frameworks for undergraduate research. Many students begin as volunteers, either during the term or during the summer. Columbia College students can engage in a research project for course credit during either the Fall or the Spring semester (or both; C3500). This is a structured program that includes a one point course (C3600) covering topics such as experimental design and ethical issues. Another entry point is through the SURF program, a paid 10 week summer internship (beginning of June through the beginning of August).

A variety of projects are available for students to work on ranging from molecular biology to studies of underwater sound communication. Using recent papers and the introductory essay as your guide, you should pick several projects and describe your interest in a brief exploratory email. If we have room and it appears that our interests are matched, we can then set up an interview at some point when you will be in NYC.