Biology Update for 2010-2011   Last update 09/21/2010


Dear Students:

The following changes are planned:


1. A NEW course will be offered in spring 2011. W3190 - Stem Cells: Biology, Ethics and Applications.

Prerequisites: Introductory Biology (BIOL W2005, W2006) plus one semester of Biology at 3000 level or above. A central thread of pure science, centered on pluripotent and adult stem cells will be enhanced by discussion of associated medical applications and ethical considerations. Lecture and discussion will be accompanied by a mandatory weekly recitation featuring a public seminar, visit to a research laboratory or clinic, or class debate or discussion prompted by case studies or research papers.


2. The lectures of Introduction to Animal Structure & Function (W3002) will be offered in spring 2011, but the lab section (W3012) will NOT be offered.  If you already took Biol W2501, and need 3 pts of lab to complete your major, you may take W3040 (see below) or a 3 pt lab at Barnard to complete your lab requirements. 


3. Update!! Project labs WILL be offered in spring 2011 and fall 2011.

    A. The project lab in Protein Biochemistry, W3050 (Dr. Hunt), WILL be offered in spring 2011. It will probably NOT be offered  in spring 2012.


    B.  The project lab in Molecular Biology, W3052 (Dr. Tzagoloff),  probably WILL be offered in fall 2011.


4. W3040 (Lab in cell & developmental biology) has been changed from a 5 pt project lab to a 3 pt lab. It is offered in the spring. This course (plus W2501) fulfills the lab requirement for the major or concentration. Space in this course is limited. Therefore graduating seniors who will need this course to graduate should contact Dr. Heicklen ( as soon as possible to reserve a space.


Here is the course description:

The lab explores the transcription factor binding sites that are integral in driving zebrafish GATA-4 expression in the heart. Topics covered include heart development, sequence analysis, molecular biology (PCR, restriction digest, etc.) and promoter analysis (binding site analysis, mutational analysis). Prerequisite: Introductory Biology. Limited to 15 students. Preference is given to students (especially to graduating seniors) majoring in biology, biochemistry and biophysics.