Changes in the Biology Curriculum for 2012-2013 -- last update 08/28/2012



Changes for Fall 2012


1. No 5 pt project lab will be offered in the fall term. If there is room, students may take the proteomics lab, G4260. This is a 3 pt lab and fulfills only part of the bio major & premed requirement. (Biol W2501 is also required.) If you are interested in the proteomics lab, contact the instructor (Lewis Brown).

    A 3 pt and a 5 pt lab will be offered in the spring, but the number of spaces will be extremely limited. If you have not notified the instructors of your plans to take one of these spring courses, it may be too late. To get on a waiting list, contact the instructors immediately (3 pt lab -- W3040, Heicklen; 5 pt lab - W3058, Dietrich).


2. The courses designed specifically for nonscientists will not be offered in the 2012-13 academic year. This includes Biol W1015 -- Mol. Biol. & Evolution for Nonscientists & BIOL W11030 Genes and Development. These courses, or their equivalents, should be offered in future years. Students who are not science majors but wish to fulfill the science requirement can still take the following courses:

BIOL W3208 (Introduction to Evolutionary Biology) -- this course has no prerequisites and is suitable for both scientists & nonscientists. EEEB W2001 (Environmental Biology I) is also suitable for some nonscientists and can be used for the science requirement with prior approval of the instructor.

3.  New Course (as of fall '12)  Biol W4077. Survey in Molecular and Cellular Biology: Cellular Stress Responses, Taught by Professor Ron Prywes. 


Brief Description: This is an advanced molecular and cellular biology course geared to upper level undergraduates and M.A. students. The topic of this year will be cellular stress responses. We will read and analyze a series of reviews on this topic ranging from the stress of DNA damage on cells to metabolic stress to the stress of aging. We will also read key research articles on these topics. The signaling pathways, mechanisms, targets and biological relevance will be reviewed. An emphasis will be made

on understanding how important discoveries were made. Students will develop their own review articles on related subjects and present multiple research proposals.


4.  Change in Chemical Genomics (as of fall '12) Chemical Biology, Chem W4312 has replaced Chemical Genomics, Biol G4095. Although Chemical Biology is listed as a chemistry course, it fulfills the requirements of an elective for either the bio major or the biochem major.  It will be taught jointly by Professors Virginia Cornish and Brent Stockwell.


Brief Description (from Chemical Genomics): In this course, we will cover subject matter in chemical biology and chemical genomics. We will discuss approaches for discovering and optimizing chemical tools for measuring and perturbing biological systems. Topics covered will include high-throughput screening, chemical library creation, affinity purification of target proteins and target validation, protein

microarrays, molecular evolution, protein engineering and synthetic biology.


 The course is intended to provide a foundation needed for advanced chemical biology research, i.e. the creation and use of chemical probes of biological processes and macromolecular function. The course will be of interest to students at the interface between chemistry and biology, and students interested in medicine, academic chemical biology and drug discovery efforts.



Changes Planned for Spring 2013 -- as of 8/12


1. The Animal Structure & Function Lab will not be offered. If you have already taken Biol W2501, there will be a 3 pt lab offered, W3040, which will allow you to complete your lab requirement. (See 4 below.) Alternatively, you may take a 3 pt lab at Barnard.


2. Project Lab Change: The 5 pt project lab in Protein Biochemistry, W3050, will not be offered. There is a project lab in micro instead -- see next item.


3. There is a new project lab in Microbiology, W3058. For details (as of 8/12) see


4. Genetics Instructor Change: Genetics W3031 will be offered by Dr. Ava Brent Jamali, not by Dr. Chalfie. Days and times will be posted.