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Deborah Mowshowitz

Adjunct Professor
Director of Undergraduate Program and Laboratories

Columbia University
Biological Sciences
744D Fairchild Extension (Mudd), M.C. 2453
New York, N.Y. 10027
Office Hours: Wed, Thurs 1-2pm and by appointment
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5/19/99 - Prof. Mowshowitz receives Presidential Award for Outstanding Teaching. See article & photo.

Teaching & Learning Information:

TA Manual - Useful advice for teaching assistants
"How To" Collection -  Useful advice for grading, lecturing, reading the literature, giving oral reports & writing lab reports.

Course Number Title
C1015 Molecular Biology and Evolution for Nonscientists
C2005 Introduction to Molecular and Cellular Biology, I
C2006 Introduction to Molecular and cellular Biology, II
F2401 Contemporary Biology I
F2402 Contemporary Biology II
S2005 Introduction to Molecular and Cellular Biology, I
S2401 Contemporary Biology I