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Research Highlights

Matrix Forces on the Cytoskeleton Act as Critical Signals 
Cancer and uncontrolled cell growth involve the improper processing of environmental cues and one of the most important cues is force on the extracellular matrix (ECM) that supports the cell. Normal cells generate force on external matrices as a requirement for growth whereas transformed cells can grow on soft agar, which will not support force. Using laser tweezers microscopy to apply defined forces to matrix-coated beads and mutant cell lines, we are studying the molecular pathways of force sensation and force generation (Galbraith and Sheetz, 1999). Our working hypothesis is that force on cytoskeleton-integrin-ECM linkages signals to a tyrosine phosphatase that starts a cascade of enzyme reactions that causes reinforcement of the linkage as well as signaling to the cell (Choquet et al., 1997). Tyrosine kinases such as c-Src reverse reinforcement (Felsenfeld et al., 1999) and enable the cell to attach and detach for migration and matrix remodeling. Current studies are focussing on 1) the cytoskeleton component that senses force, 2) the phosphatase that causes reinforcement, 3) the integrin-cytoskeleton linkage, 4) coordination of motility and force on matrix fibers, and 5) the molecular basis of reinforcement. 

Membrane (Lipid)-Cytoskeleton Adhesion Controls Cell Functions
We have proposed that the rates of mechanochemical processes, such as endocytosis, membrane extension and membrane resealing after cell wounding, might be controlled not only biochemically - through interaction with regulatory proteins - but also physically, through an apparently continuous adhesion between the plasma membrane lipids and the cytoskeleton proteins (Sheetz, 2001). Numerous studies of membrane-cytoskeleton adhesion using laser tweezers to form tethers on the plasma membrane have shown that the tether force is inversely proportional to the rates of endocytosis (Dai et al., 1997; Raucher and Sheetz, 1999), membrane extension (Raucher and Sheetz, 1999), and membrane resealing. In studies of the molecular basis of the adhesion, the level of phosphatidylinositol 4,5 diphosphate (PIP2) correlates directly with adhesion and the tether force (Raucher et al., 2000). Now we are exploring how the free level of PIP2 is regulated and which cytoskeleton proteins interact with PIP2. Lipid control of membrane-cytoskeleton adhesion has important implications for membrane structure and the control of a wide variety of cell functions. 

Organelle Traffic in Neurons and Polarized Cells
We have a long-standing interest in the molecular basis of organelle transport in neurons. Recent studies are focussed on the control of mitochondrial movements since they are critical organelles that move in two directions on microtubules and interact with myosin. Thus, they are ideal for studying control of motor switching and regulation of motility. Using in vivo and in vitro assays of directional movement of mitochondria on microtubules, we have found a critical role for inositol lipids in the cytoplasmic dynein but not kinesin-dependent movements. Further, we have found a high level of myosin V binding to mitochondria in the periphery of neurons (Miller and Sheetz, 2000). Now we will analyze the basis of control whether through vesicle binding or motor activation. Additional projects are focussed on membrane binding sites for kinesin such as kinectin and the role of tension in ER and Golgi networks. 

Bacterial Pilus Retraction
The retraction of bacterial pili appears to constitute a novel motility mechanism (Merz et al., 2000), which involves dissociation of pilus subunits into the inner membrane. We are now testing this model to understand the molecular basis of force generation. 

Current Projects:

Julia Sable (Lab Manager/ Director of Confocal Microscopy) Membrane-cytoskeleton adhesion and PIP2 levels

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Recent Publications from the Sheetz Lab:

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