Imaging How A Neuron Computes

Imaging How A Neuron Computes

A Multidisciplinary University Research Initiative (MURI)

Funded by the Army Research Office

  •         The primary goal of this project is to understand how two different types of cortical cells, excitatory pyramidal cells and inhibitory GABAergic interneurons, integrate spatio-temporal patterns of inputs. To determine this, one must first understand: (i) their connectivity diagram (i.e., which neurons are their presynaptic partners), (ii) the position of these inputs on their dendritic tree (since the spatio-temporal input pattern will determine the computation) and (iii) the synaptic strength of each of these inputs. In this MURI, we will employ several novel imaging methods to answer these three challenging questions, which are among the most central in neuroscience. We will perform this work using a variety of biological samples, from primary neuronal cell cultures, to brain slices, to in vivo mouse preparations. Our end goal is to generate computational models of pyramidal cells and of neocortical interneurons with which we can predict their response to any arbitrary pattern of inputs. Successful completion of this project will result in a comprehensive understanding of dendritic integration.

Collaborating Labs

Columbia University

Harvard University


MURI Funded Publications

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MURI Related Publications

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Project Meeting Schedule

  • Meetings are held at 11 AM in 703 NWC on Columbia's campus. To teleconference in to meetings, please contact Ben (see bottom of page).

  • 3/01     Yuste Lab:   Masayuki Sakamoto, "Voltage Imaging of Dendritic Spines"  Slides
  • 4/05     Hillman Lab: Dr. Hillman, "Methods for fast, 3D neuronal imaging in-vivo"
  • 5/03     Min Lab: Dr. Min, "Seeing the invisible: discovering new contrasts of optical bio-imaging"
  • 6/07     Owen Lab:   Abe Wolcott, "The best of both worlds: bulk properties of diamond at the nanoscale"  Slides
  • 7/12     Englund Lab: "Super-Resolution Imaging and Precision Sensing with Nitrogen Vacancy Color Centers in Diamond"
  • 9/06     Sahin Lab: TBD
  • 10/04    Guest Speaker, Dr. Shalom Wind: TBD
  • 11/01    Guest Speaker, Dr. Dalibor Sanes: TBD
  • 12/13    ARO Visit, All Groups Present, 10am - 5pm
  • 2/07    Paninski lab: TBD
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