Department of Biological Sciences Committee Meeting Report
for fifth year students and beyond.

Student's Name: ________________________     Date of Meeting: _________________

Entering Year: Fall __________

Sponsor: _____________________________ Signature: _____________________

Comm. Member: _______________________ Signature: _____________________

Comm. Member: _______________________ Signature: _____________________

Comm. Member: _______________________ Signature: _____________________

This student should meet with his/her committee again in six months: 

Date of next meeting: ____________

The committee must complete the following questions which they are agreeing to as signed above.  The graduate committee will review these forms.

What publications has the student completed?  Please list full author, title and journal information.  List papers as published, in press, submitted or in preparation (only if paper is actually being written now). A separate page may be used.



What work must the student complete for graduation?



What is the expected date for graduation?




As described in the Graduate Student Handbook please check:

o After the presentation, the committee has met without the student to discuss their conclusions and then communicated these conclusions to the student.

o The student has then met with the committee, without the sponsor, to discuss any problems in the lab that the committee might be able to help with.Save