updated Wednesday, August 20, 2003


Biological Sciences Registration Info: Fall 2003



1. What Is the Registration Process?


You can register for the majority of your classes online via Student Services OnLine (SSOL). For this system you simply need to use the University Network ID (UNI) and password you used to create a Columbia email account. If you experience difficulties using the new system you can always register via telephone using your 4-digit Personal Identification Number (PIN), which can be found online as well. Keep in mind that each person is assigned registration appointment times; you can only register during these times. Like everything else, you can access your appointment times online.To register for a class simply enter its 5-digit Call Number (e.g. 75446), which can be found at the CU Directory of Classes


2. Registration Activities Checklist


Before Registration:

  Select relevant courses from those outlined at http://www.columbia.edu/cu/biology/grad/typgradsched.html
then consult the Columbia University Schedule of Classes at http://www.columbia.edu/cu/bulletin/uwb/ to determine when these classes are offered. Also consult the Department's list of course offerings.

  First years should meet with Chloe Bulinski during your scheduled advisement appointment and decide on your fall course schedule. Ongoing students should call Chloe to make an appointment, 4.5570; then come to my office to pick up your file on the day of the appointment. You will then need to register at your next available registration appointment time. You can find out your appointment times by calling 854-4488 or at https://www.ais.columbia.edu/cgi-bin/ssv/ssol.

  You may also need to obtain signatures from the department or the instructor for any course requiring special approval.



  Register during your appointment times. If you try before your appointment time, the system will remind you of your next appointment.

  When you are online or on the phone, you will need to enter the 5-digit Call Number of each class you are taking. As mentioned above, this can be obtained at the CU Directory of Classes.

  I have asked to Registrar to register everyone for Residence Units. I have also requested that the Registrar enroll all students who started in Fall 2000 (such as Andrew Zupnick, Xiang Zhang, and Melissa Mattia) and before (such as Ambar Salam, Sandra Leung, and Alex Chesler) for 12.0 pts. of G9500. You guys don't need to do anything unless you are taking classes, in which case you must adjust the number of points of G9500 you are taking so that G9500 + courses = 12.0 pts. EXAMPLE: Masha is taking 1 class, and it is worth 3.0 pts.  Consequently, she will need to adjust her points for G9500 to 9.0 pts. Since 1 course ( 3.0 pts.) + G9500 ( 9.0 pts) = 12.0 pts. To do this you must first drop G9500 then add it back for the correct number of points, as explained above. The call number for G9500 is 72202. Students who started Fall 2001 till the present (such as Clarissa Nobile, Tim Riley, Yang Shen, and Steve Marks) will need to register themselves for the appropriate number of points for G9500, as explained above. If you started Fall 2001 till the present and you are NOT taking any classes, you merely need to register for 12.0 pts of G9500.

  First Years, in addition, should register for The Core G6001 (call number 56550) and Preresearch Seminars G9301 (call number 62200).  

3. Registration Calendar – FALL 2003


4. Related Topics--Arranged Alphabetically 

Change of Program

You may make changes to your program over the telephone during the dates specified above.  These changes include dropping a class and electing the Pass/Fail grading option. However, you must consult  with You should obtain approval signatures before telephoning.  If you are electing the "R" credit option you may not use the telephone registration process, but must go to the Office of Academic Records and Registration in 205 Kent Hall.

Email accounts 
Click here to create a Columbia University email account. You will need to do this before you can use the online services. The username and password for your email is the same as those you will use to access Columbia online services

Full Classes
If a class is full and you cannot find an alternative class, please contact the department to see whether you can get a written override approval to register for the class. The Registrar's Office cannot override a full class without the department's written permission.

Health Service and Medical Insurance
Full-time students must enroll in the health service. Full-time new students must enroll in the health insurance plan or be covered by comparable insurance. Health insurance may be waived by filing an insurance waiver at the Student Health Services located on the second floor of John Jay Hall (tel. 854-3286
REMINDER: Under New York State law, as of September 1991, any student born after January 1, 1957, and enrolled for 6 or more points in one semester must be vaccinated against measles twice.  If you cannot prove that you have been vaccinated twice or that you have had the measles or are immune to them, your registration will be cancelled, you may not attend classes, participate in University-sponsored events, or come onto campus.  For more information regarding the State law, contact Chris Rowe (212-854-3286), the Health Insurance Coordinator.

Holds: Check your holds online 
The University permits many offices to place a "hold" against a student's enrollment. The reasons for holds vary from office to office. Financial holds, library holds, and deans' holds are most common. Only the holding office can place or remove a hold. The Registrar has no authority over holds. Since registration is merely the mechanical process of reserving a seat in a class and does not, per se, constitute enrollment, you may be allowed to register in spite of a hold. Please note, however, that no one who is registered is considered enrolled unless he or she has satisfied all obligations to the University.  

If you have a hold, the Registrar will not certify you as an enrolled student. This means that you may not be entitled to receive financial aid and may not be able to get coverage on your parents' health plans. The University also reserves the right to cancel the registration of any student who has not satisfied all obligations to it, academic and financial as well as administrative.

Identification Cards and Validation Stickers
In the event that you need to replace a lost ID, please report to the ID office in 204 Kent (212-854-4323) as soon as possible. Be advised that your enrollment status will be confirmed prior to issuance of a replacement ID. The replacement card fee is $10.00.

Cards for new students are also issued in 204 Kent.  You will no longer need printouts of your registration transactions to obtain a validation sticker for your ID.  Bring your card to the ID office after you have registered.   

Returning from a Leave of Absence
All students who did not register in the spring term of 2003 should apply for readmission by calling (212-854-2313) or by stopping by the Departmental Office in 600 Fairchild  to discuss their situation. If you are returning from a leave of absence it is important that you contact the office immediately. You will not be able to register unless you apply for readmission.

Telephone Registration

The following information may be found on the site: www.columbia.edu/cu/registrar/

            TO REGISTER:  (212) 854-8282

            General number: 854-4400

            To hear your appointment times: 854-4488

            To hear your courses/grades: 854-7373*

            To hear if you have a hold: 854-6464*


*You may also obtain this information at:


Note: Telephone registration replaces in-person registration.  Keep in mind that telephone registration is not a lottery system. Therefore, we advise you to call at your earliest appointment.

Recorded messages will prompt you through various options of the interactive touch-tone registration system. After you enter your social security number and your PIN, you will reach the registration main menu.  This menu offers the following options: 

            Press    1          To Add a Class
Press    2          To Drop a Class
Press    3          To Check if a Class is Open
Press    4          To Elect the Pass/Fail Option
Press    5          To Replace a Class With a New Section
            Press    6          To Listen to Your Program
Press    7          To Listen to General Messages

Enter the 5-digit call number when the system prompts you. Call numbers are listed in the Directory of Classes. To end the registration session simply hang-up. 

Time Conflicts
You cannot take two or more classes whose scheduled times are the same, and/or overlap by as little as one minute, without the written permission of a dean.