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Courses for Academic Year 2007-2008

Fall 2008 and Spring 2009 courses.

x = Fall Term
y = Spring Term

Graduate level courses start at the 4000 level.

If a class has both a 3000 & 4000 level,
undergraduates must take the 3000 level section.

RSRHSummer Undergraduate Research Fellowship

W1015xMolecular Biology & Evolution For Nonscientists
W1130yGenes and Development -- NEW!

C2005xIntroductory Biology I: Biochemistry, Genetics & Molecular Biology
C2006yIntroductory Biology II: Cell Biology and Physiology
F2401xContemporary Biology I: Biochemistry, Genetics & Molecular Biology
F2402yContemporary Biology II: Cell Biology and Physiology
W2501xContemporary Biology Laboratory
W2501yContemporary Biology Laboratory
C2908x1st Year Seminar in Modern Biology

W3002yIntroduction to Animal Structure and Function
W3004xNeurobiology I: Cellular and Molecular Biology
W3005yNeurobiology: Development & Systems
W3006yGeneral Physiology
W3008yThe Cellular Physiology of Disease
W3012yIntroduction to Animal Structure and Function
W3022xDevelopmental Biology
C3032xGenetics - NOT OFFERED IN FALL 2007
W3040yProject Lab in Developmental Biology
W3041xCell Biology
W3050yProject Lab in Protein Biochemistry - NOT OFFERED IN 2007-08
C3052xProject Lab: Molecular Genetics
W3073xCellular & Molecular Immunology
W3073yCellular & Molecular Immunology
BMEN E3150yThe Cell as a Machine
HPSC W3201yPhilosophy & History of Evolutionary Biology
W3208yIntroduction to Evolutionary Biology
F3403Special Research Projects
F3403ySpecial Research Projects
F3403yNot offered - has been replaced by W3500
W3500xIndividual Topics
C3500yIndividual Topics
BIOC C3501xBiochemistry : Structure and Metabolism
BIOC C3512yMolecular Biology
C3600XBiological Research Skills
C3799yMolecular Biology of Cancer - OFFERED in Spring 2008
SCNC W3920yIgnorance
W3995xTopics in Biology: Introduction to Clinical Research and Emergency Medicine
W3995xTopics in Biology: Introduction to Clinical Research and Emergency Medicine
W3995yTopics in Biology: Crossroads in Bioethics (Previously called 'Frontiers in Bioethics')
W3995y(2)Topics in Biology: Foundations of Molecular Biology - NEW!

W4004xNeurobiology I: Cellular and Molecular Biology
W4005yNeurobiology II: Development & Systems
W4008yThe Cellular Physiology of Disease
W4011xComputational Neuroscience I: Circuits in the Brain
W4022xDevelopmental Biology
W4032xGenetics- NOT OFFERED IN FALL 2007
G4035xSeminar in Epigenetics - NEW COURSE
G4035ySeminar in Epigenetics - NEW COURSE
W4041xCell Biology
G4045ySeminar in Cell Biology -- NOT OFFERED 2007-2008
W4070yBiology and Physics of Single Molecules (NOT offered in Fall 2007)
W4073xCellular & Molecular Immunology
W4073yCellular & Molecular Immunology
BEPS W4090Ethics & Experimentation
BIOT G4140yFundamentals of the Bioscience Industry
BIOT W4200xBiotechnology: Biopharmaceutical Dev & Reg - NEW COURSE
G4260xProteomics Laboratory
G4260xProteomics Laboratory
W4300xDrugs and Disease
G4305ySeminar in Biotechnology
G4310sIntensive Lab in Biotechnology
G4500xSupervised Research in Biotechnology
G4500ySupervised Research in Biotechnology
G4501xSupervised Research in Biotechnology
G4501ySupervised Research in Biotechnology
BIOC W4501xBiochemistry : Structure and Metabolism
S4502Supervised Research in Biotechnology
S4503Supervised Research in Biotechnology
CHBC W4510xMolecular Systems Biology I -- NEW!
CHBC W4511yMolecular Systems Biology II -- NEW!
BIOC W4512yMolecular Biology
G4600xSignal Transduction
W4799yMolecular Biology of Cancer - OFFERED in Spring 2008

G6001xGraduate Core Course I
G6002yADV Topics-Genetics/Molecular Biology

G9301xPreresearch Seminar
G9500xSupervised Individual Research
G9500ySupervised Individual Research