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Courses for Academic Year 2008-2009

RSRHSummer Undergraduate Research Fellowship

W1015xMolecular Biology & Evolution For Nonscientists
W1130yGenes and Development

C2005xIntroductory Biology I: Biochemistry, Genetics & Molecular Biology
C2006yIntroductory Biology II: Cell Biology, Development and Physiology
F2401xContemporary Biology I: Biochemistry, Genetics & Molecular Biology
F2402yContemporary Biology II: Cell Biology and Physiology
S2501Contemporary Biology Laboratory
W2501xContemporary Biology Laboratory
W2501yContemporary Biology Laboratory
C2908x1st Year Seminar in Modern Biology

W3002yIntroduction to Animal Structure and Function - LECTURE
W3004xNeurobiology I: Cellular and Molecular Neurobiology
W3005yNeurobiology: Development & Systems
W3006yGeneral Physiology - NOT OFFERED IN SPRING 09
W3012yIntroduction to Animal Structure and Function - LAB
W3022xDevelopmental Biology
W3040yProject Lab in Developmental Biology
W3041xCell Biology
C3052xProject Lab: Molecular Genetics
W3073xCellular & Molecular Immunology
W3073yCellular & Molecular Immunology
HPSC W3201yPhilosophy & History of Evolutionary Biology
W3208yIntroduction to Evolutionary Biology
F3403Not offered anymore - has been replaced by W3500x
W3500xIndividual Topics - Formerly C3500 & F3403
W3500yIndividual Topics - Formerly C3500 & F3403
BIOC C3501xBiochemistry : Structure and Metabolism
BIOC C3512yMolecular Biology
W3600yBiological Research Skills - Now offered in Spring, not Fall
W3700xIndependent Clinical Research - NEW COURSE!
W3700yIndependent Clinical Research
C3799yMolecular Biology of Cancer
SCNC W3920yIgnorance
W3990xReadings in Cell Biology - NEW COURSE!
W3990yReadings in Cell Biology - NEW COURSE!
W3995xTopics in Biology: Introduction to Clinical Research and Emergency Medicine
W3995xTopics in Biology: Introduction to Clinical Research and Emergency Medicine
W3995yTopics in Biology: Crossroads in Bioethics
W3995y(2)Topics in Biology: Foundations of Molecular Biology

W4004xNeurobiology I: Cellular and Molecular Neurobiology
W4005yNeurobiology II: Development & Systems
G4008xAdvanced Seminar in Neurobiology
W4011xComputational Neuroscience I: Circuits in the Brain
G4013xAdvanced Seminar in Neurobiology
W4022xDevelopmental Biology
W4041xCell Biology
G4044xAdvanced Topics in Cell Biology - NEW COURSE!
G4044yAdvanced Topics in Cell Biology
W4073xCellular & Molecular Immunology
W4073yCellular & Molecular Immunology
G4095xChemical Genomics - NEW COURSE - NEW FORMAT!
BIOT W4200xBiotechnology: Biopharmaceutical Dev & Reg
G4260xProteomics Laboratory
G4260xProteomics Laboratory
W4300xDrugs and Disease
G4305ySeminar in Biotechnology
G4310sIntensive Lab in Biotechnology
W4400yBiological Networks - NEW COURSE!
G4500xSupervised Research in Biotechnology
G4500ySupervised Research in Biotechnology
G4501xSupervised Research in Biotechnology
G4501ySupervised Research in Biotechnology
BIOC W4501xBiochemistry : Structure and Metabolism
S4502Supervised Research in Biotechnology
S4503Supervised Research in Biotechnology
CHBC W4510xMolecular Systems Biology
BIOC W4512yMolecular Biology
G4700ySeminar in Stem Cell Biology--NEW COURSE
W4799yMolecular Biology of Cancer

G6001xGraduate Core Course I - Genetics & Genomics - NEW FORMAT!
G6002xGraduate Core Course II - Eukaryotic Gene Expression & Protein Thermodynamics - NEW FORMAT!
G6003yGraduate Core Course III - Cell Biology & Structural Biology -NEW FORMAT!

G9301xPreresearch Seminar
G9500xSupervised Individual Research
G9500ySupervised Individual Research