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Graduate Courses Outside Dept.

Graduate Courses Outside Dept.

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Anatomy & Cell Biology

G5101 - Cell biology of tissues and organs

G8010 - Introduction to endocrinology

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Biochemistry & Molecular Biophysics

G4250 - Molecular biophysics

G6045 - Membrane receptors and transport proteins

G6270 - NMR spectroscopy of macromolecules

G6275 - Diffraction analysis of macromolecules

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P6103 - Introduction to biostatistics

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G4170 - Biophysical chemistry

G4172 - Bio-organic topics

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Cellular, Molecular, and Biophysical Studies

G4010 - Responsible conduct of research and related policy issues

G4150 - Microbial Molecular Genetics

G4250 - Molecular biophysics

G4350 - Cellular Membranes and Organelles

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Computer Science

W4995 - Special Topics in Computer Science: Computational Genomics

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Electrical Engineering

E4060 - Introduction to genomic information science and technology

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Genetics & Development

G4005 - Introduction to mathematical genetics

G4027 - Principles of developmental biology

G4050 - Advanced eukaryotic molecular genetics

G6210 & 6211 - Genetic approaches to biological problems

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G4020 - Introduction to immunology

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Neurobiology & Behavior

G9010 - Neural bases of behaviors: Neuroethological approaches

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Physiology & Cellular Biophysics

G4007 - Molecular mechanisms in synaptic transmission and the control of transmitter release