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Faculty Interests

Welcome to the Faculty Interests section. Listed alphabetically below are faculty members and their areas of interest. Follow this link for a listing of all faculty thesis sponsors organized by their subfields.

NameInterestSub Field
Bock, WalterGeneral evolution theory | Organismic Biology
Brown, LewisComparative Proteomics
Bulinski, ChloëDynamics and functions of microtubules during myogenic differentiation and cell cycle progressionCell and Molecular Biology
Bussemaker, HarmenData-driven predictive modeling of transcriptional and post-transcriptional networks based on biophysical principlesSystems & Computational Biology
Chalfie, MartinDevelopmental genetics of identified nerve cells in C. elegansDevelopmental Biology
Chasin, LawrencePre-mRNA splicing in cultured mammalian cellsCell and Molecular Biology
Crist, MeehanWriter in Residence
Dietrich, LarsBacterial models for biological shape and pattern formationCell and Molecular Biology
Fernández, JulioSingle molecule mechanics and engineeringNeurobiology | Structural Biology and Molecular Biophysics
Firestein, StuartCellular mechanisms of signal transduction and olfactionNeurobiology
Frank, Joachim

Cryo-electron microscopy and three-dimensional reconstruction for the study of the mechanism of protein biosynthesis


Structural Biology and Molecular Biophysics
    Greenwald, Iva     Lin-12/Notch signaling and cell fate specification     Biochemistry & Molecular Biophysics | Genetics & Development  
Guido, RonLecturer
Hazelrigg, TulleGerm Cell Development in Drosophila Developmental Biology
Hazen, ClaireLecturer
Heicklen, Alice

Senior Lecturer


    Hobert, Oliver     Nervous system development and function     Biochemistry & Molecular Biophyisics  
Hunt, JohnStructural biology of transmembrane transportStructural Biology & Molecular Biophysics
Jia, SongtaoEpigenetic regulation of the genomeCell and Molecular Biology
Kalderon, DanielSignal Transduction in Drosophila developmentDevelopmental Biology
Kelley, DarcyNeurobiology of vocal communication; sexual differentiationNeurobiology
Manley, JamesRegulation of mRNA synthesis in animal cellsCell and Molecular Biology
Miller, ElizabethVesicle architecture and protein quality control in the secretory pathwayCell and Molecular Biology
Morrison, AlanLecturer
Mowshowitz, DeborahDirector of Undergraduate Program & Lab Operations
Mowshowitz, SolomonLecturer
Pe'er, DanaThe function and organization of molecular networksSystems & Computational Biology
Pollack, RobertTo reconsider the large question -- is the natural normative? -- from both scientific and religious perspectives at once
Pickrell, JosephComputational and statistical approaches to human genomicsSystems & Computational Biology
Prives, CarolStructure & function of the p53 tumor suppressor proteinCell and Molecular Biology
Prywes, RonGrowth factor regulation of gene expressionCell and Molecular Biology
Przeworski, MollyPopulation genetics, evolutionary genetics, meiotic recombinationSystems & Computational Biology
Sable, DavidLecturer
Sahin, OzgurImaging and Modeling Biology at Physical Extremes Structural Biology and Molecular Biophysics
Sella, GuyEvolutionary genetics of adaptation, disease risk and other quantitative traitsSystems & Computational Biology
Sheetz, MichaelCell motility, motor molecules, integrin-cytoskeleton interactionsCell and Molecular Biology
Stockwell, BrentDiagramming disease networks with chemical and biological toolsCell and Molecular Biology
Tong, LiangStructural biology of proteins involved in human diseases (obesity, diabetes, cancer); Structural biology of proteins involved in pre-mRNA 3'-end processing.Structural Biology & Molecular Biophysics
Tzagoloff, AlexanderEnergy coupling mechanismsCell and Molecular Biology
    Yamasaki, Lili spacer spacer Director of Biotechnology Programs        
Yang, Jianstructure, function, regulation and cell biology of ion channels.Neurobiology | Structural Biology and Molecular Biophysics
Yuste, RafaelDevelopment and function of the cortical microcircuitryNeurobiology