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Graduate Student Handbook

Outside employment and compensation policy
Requirements for M.D.-Ph.D. students

Outside employment and compensation policy

Approved by graduate committee 6/12/13.

  1. Students in their first year may not have outside employment/compensation.

  2. Outside employment is discouraged for all other students. However, under certain unusual situations, a student may have limited outside employment. This will in all cases require prior approval of both their adviser and the Director of Graduate Studies (DGS). The DGS may consult the student's thesis committee and/or the graduate committee on specific issues. The general principles being a) that the extra work/compensation does not significantly deter from their focus on their thesis work and prolong time to degree, b) that the extra work does not fall under work already supported by the fellowship.
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Requirements for M.D.-Ph.D. students

  1. In recognition of their medical school course work, M.D.-Ph.D. students are not required to take the Core series of courses.

  2. M.D.-Ph.D. students are required to take two graduate elective courses.

  3. M.D.-Ph.D. students are required to take a bioethics/responsible conduct of research course. The course offered at the medical school or by the M.D.-Ph.D. program is acceptable.

  4. M.D.-Ph.D. students are required to take the qualifying exam within 1.5 years of joining a lab. Often students do it earlier.

  5. M.D.-Ph.D. students are not required to be teaching assistants or to take the Scientific Writing course.

  6. M.D.-Ph.D. students are required to fulfill all other requirements for students in the program, such as thesis committee meetings and the final thesis defense.