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Pre-research Seminars - Fall 2013

Pre-research Seminars

Pre-research seminars occur in the Fall semester on Tuesdays & Thursdays, 6:10 pm, room 800 Fairchild Center. Duration: about 45 minutes to one hour. Pizza or sandwiches will be provided for the class and faculty speaker.


Tuesday, September 3
Christian Schindler
"Interfering with inflammation"

Thursday, September 5
Rosh Hashanah- No Pre-research

Tuesday, September 10 * This talk will start at 6:30 pm
Ruben Gonzalez *
"Biological Mechanisms, One molecule at a time"

Thursday, September 12
Oliver Hobert

Tuesday, September 17
Harmen Bussemaker 
"New insights into DNA methylation and aging from integrative genomic analysis"

Thursday, September 19
Jean Gautier

Tuesday, September 24
Joachim Frank
"Studying the Mechanism of Translation by Cryo-EM"
***followed by***
Deborah Mowshowitz
"What does a TA do? How will you find a TA job, and what will you get out of it?" (10 minutes)

Thursday, September 26
Lorraine Symington
"DNA double-strand break processing and repair pathway choice"

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Tuesday, October 1
Darcy Kelley
"How brains integrate sensory information for action selection"

Thursday, October 3

Rodney Rothstein
"Studying basic biological problems in budding yeast"

Tuesday, October 8
Richard Baer
"BRCA1 suppression of breast cancer"

Thursday, October 10
Richard Vallee
"Motor Proteins in Vivo and in Vitro"

Tuesday, October 15 - EID - No Pre-research


Thursday, October 17
Eric Greene
"Visualizing protein-DNA interactions with Single-molecule Optical Microscopy"

Tuesday, October 22
Marty Chalfie
"C. elegans touch receptor neurons: development, transduction, and modulation"

Thursday, October 24
Brent Stockwell
"Probing Cell Death with Small Molecules"

Tuesday, October 29
Jonathan Dworkin
"Cellular quiescence"

Thursday, October 31
Liz Miller - CANCELLED
"Protein quality control in the secretory pathway"

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Tuesday, November 5 - (Election Day) pre-research seminar scheduled!
Guy Sella
"Evolutionary genetics of adaptation and complex disease"

Thursday, November 7
Steven Siegelbaum
"Dissecting neural circuits for memory"

Tuesday, November 12
Iva Greenwald
"LIN-12/Notch signaling and cell fate specification in C. elegans" 

Thursday, November 14
Songtao Jia
"Epigenetic control of the genome"

Tuesday, November 19
John Hunt

"Protein biophysics in service of drug-discovery and discovery biology"

Thursday, November 21
Ozgur Sahin

"Probing the mechanical behavior of cells and molecules with atomic force microscopy"

Tuesday, November 26 - Rescheduled to December 10
Daniel Kalderon
"Drosophila stem cells and their regulation by local signals"


Thursday, November 28 - (Thanksgiving Day) no pre-research seminar

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Tuesday, December 3
Lars Dietrich
"Bacterial Multicellularity"

Thursday, December 5
Gary Struhl
"Pattern, Polarity and Growth in Drosophila"

Tuesday, December 10 (Study day) - December 10 - pre-research seminar scheduled!
Daniel Kalderon
"Drosophila stem cells and their regulation by local signals"

Thursday, December 12 (Study day) - No Pre-research