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Thank you for your interest in the programs in our Department. In these pages you will find information on admission to our programs, financial aid, our current students and much more. Although this section of our site was designed specifically for you, you might find the information in the Current Students section helpful as well in informing your decision about our Department.

No doubt you will also want to take a look at the research done by our Ph.D. Program Faculty . Finally, you may want to browse our course catalog to get an idea of the coursework we offer.

If you would like to take a look at our beautiful campus, check out the Visiting Columbia website and the Morningside Campus slideshow .

Beginning on December 1, the Department of Biological Sciences will evaluate applications to the Ph.D. program in the order in which they were submitted. All applications submitted prior to the final deadline (Monday, January 5th) will be evaluated, but applicants submitting their applications earlier are more likely to be invited to the recruitment Open Houses. The first of these will take place in late January, the second in early March.

*Columbia University Professor (1904-1928)
Nobel Prize in Medicine or Physiology, 1933
For more on Thomas Hunt Morgan see this article by Columbia University Professor, Dr. Eric Kandel.