Molecular biology programs on the Web.

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BIOINFORMATIC LINKS  from Computer Science Prof.  William Grundy's Computational Genimics Course website

BIOLOGY WORKBENCH (NCSA). ClustalW, other alignments, searches, etc., on their server.

BLAST.   Searches for sequences similar to yours. At the NCBI site.

GENBANK. Search for DNA or protein sequences in the Genbank/EMBL database. At the NCBI site.

MEDLINE. Searches the literature. Advanced form.

MFOLD. Fold RNA on Michael Zucker's server. Or download a PC version, RNAStructure, by David Matthews.

Protocols. Untested....

PRIMER3. From MIT. PCR primer picking program.  Allows user specification of one of the primers, and many other options; easy to use.

REBASE. Information about all restriction enzymes

Technical Tips Online. From Elsevier.

Vienna RNA Package. All about RNA secondary structure prediction.

WEBCUTTER.   Restriction site mapping.