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Chaogu Zheng
Graduate Student

My name is Chaogu Zheng coming from China. I graduated from University of Science and Technology of China (also known as USTC) in 2006 with a bachelor's degree in Biotechnology. In the college, I started my scientific research in biological science by studying the transcriptional regulation in the mechanism of chemoresistance of human prostate cancer cells. I discovered for the first time that E2F1 upregulated the transcription of EGR1 in a NF-kB-dependent manner and therefore inhibited drug-induced apoptosis (Cancer Research, 2009). Then, I moved to Beijing for graduate studies in the Institute of Biophysics, Chinese Academy of Sciences, and obtained my master's degree in Biochemistry and Molecular Biology in July of 2009. My studies mainly focused on tumor-induced angiogenesis and found for the first time the pro-angiogenic role of CD146, which was originally identified as just an adhesion molecule, in tumor angiognesis (Int J Biochem C Biol, 2009). All of these research experience drive me to believe that what we are doing in the lab would actually make us closer to the truth of life, discover the hidden mysteries of living organism and more importantly benefit human health in clinics. Therefore, Columbia University with great reputation and atmosphere of scientific freedom is a wonderful choice for me to further satisfy my interest and pursue my dream in biological researches.

I love reading, writing and also sports, such as hiking, running, soccer and billiards. Moreover, I am very interested in modern literature and modern arts. Therefore, New York City, where different cultures come together, is a great place for me.

Chaogu Zheng