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Lyudmila Kovalchuke
Graduate Student

Hi, my name is Lyuda.  I was born in Ukraine, but I grew up largely in the United States.   This past spring, I graduated with a B.A. in chemistry from Columbia College, C.U.   During my time in college, I worked in three labs that studied vastly different things.  The first was a nanotechnology lab in which I worked on developing a technique for producing curved micro-ridges that would be used to study mechanosensing in fibroblasts.  I then worked in organic chemistry, on a project that investigated a novel way to facilitate the nucleophilic acyl substitution reaction.   Finally, while I was studying abroad in Spain, I spent some time in a neurobiology lab that focused on cell fusion and its regenerative potential in the brain.  I enjoyed all three experiences, but this last was definitely my favorite.

Because my experience is largely in chemistry, I don’t have a very solidified idea of what I’d like to work on.   Right now, I’m attracted to neurobiology, genetics, and epigenetics, but I’m hoping to develop a clearer sense of my interests as classes and lab rotations get underway.

In my free time, I enjoy dancing (often Argentine tango), reading, and hopping around the city with friends; I’m also proud to be improving my cooking skills.  Living in New York for the past four years has been wonderful, and I’m sure I’ll keep enjoying both Columbia and the city in the years to come.

Lyudmila Kovalchuke