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Nima Yousefi
Graduate Student
I received a B.S. from the University of California San Diego, where I majored in Molecular Biology and minored in Spanish Literature. While at UCSD I was given the wonderful opportunity to work as teaching assistant for Genetics, Molecular Biology, Cell Biology, Microbial Genetics, and Microbial Physiology; I volunteered in the dry lab of Dr. Milton Saier where I worked on citations for the Transporter Classification Database; and spent a year as a food services employee.

After graduation, I remained in San Diego and worked in the lab of Dr. Mark Ginsberg, working on research in the projects in the area of integrin-mediated cell adhesion and motility. My first job in the lab was to develop antibodies against FERM-domain region of KRIT-1/CCM-1, with a full-length KRIT-1 cDNA as the starting point. I sub-cloned the FERM-domain into bacterial and mammalian expression vectors, purified recombinant protein made from those constructs, and developed polyclonal and monoclonal antibodies against our proteins. We then used the antibodies to detect and quantify KRIT-1 in different cell lines, as well as stain cells and determine the intracellular localization of KRIT-1 under different conditions. Exciting stuff! I worked in the Ginsberg lab for six years, working on various projected. In addition to research, my duties in the lab included assisting the lab manager in running the lab, creating and maintaining a file server network, and managing a recombinant protein core service for Dr. Ginsberg.

When I'm not doing awesome science stuff, I like to program iOS and Mac applications, and build web sites. In my down time, I built a social networking site, and I have an iPhone/iPad app available in the App Store. I also like writing, and in my youth I wrote a zombie romantic comedy short film, which was produced in Canada. I'm told the film did quite well in Newfoundland. In the future I hope to write many papers and grants.
Nima Yousefi