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Shuting Han
Graduate Student

I was born in Beijing, China, and has been living and studying there for over twenty years before coming to New York City. In the July of 2013, I graduated from Peking University with a Bachelor's degree in Biological Sciences. With a broad interest in biology, I took a lot of courses in Peking University and attended academic activities regularly, and since my second year I was doing projects about necrosis and aging in Dr. Lei Liu's research group.

My research interest lies primarily in neuroscience. During my undergraduate studies, I did a summer internship concerning ethology in Max Planck Institute for Ornithology in Germany, in Dr. Simone Pika's group. I was focusing on the molecular mechanism of pair bonding as well as chimpanzee grooming behavior, and that's how the underlying principles of behavior and cognition started to fascinate me. Besides, as an enthusiastic admirer of philosophy and art, I have always been curious about how humans perceive the world and are deceived by the world and how they behave correspondingly. I also have a wide interest in biology. Inspired by related courses, the potential application of mathematical modeling in biological research is another specific interest of mine, as it provides the possibility to understand life in a systematic way.

In my free time, I enjoy reading, listening to classical music, playing badminton and doing various outdoor activities. New York seems to be a great place for both academic life and leisure time. I am now looking forward to starting my new life in New York and meeting you all!

Shuting Han