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Soyeon Park
Graduate Student
I was born in Columbus, Ohio but moved around quite a bit until high school. As such, I've lived in a variety of states including New York, California, and Minnesota. I graduated from the University of Pennsylvania this May where I did ALS research in Dr. Virginia Lee's lab at the Center for Neurodegenerative Disease Research. As may be guessed from the name, the center focuses on studying the causes and mechanisms of neurodegenerative diseases with the ultimate goal of bringing improved therapies to patients with these devastating diseases. There, I worked on developing an inducible, motor neuronal cell line that could be used as a tool to study the functional consequences of mutations in TDP-43, the major disease protein found in abnormal protein aggregates characteristic to ALS. Although my main interest lies in neuroscience and diseases, I am definitely open to trying new areas of research to broaden my scope.

Outside of lab, my main activity has been taekwondo for the last 4 years. Other hobbies include listening to music, reading, watching korean dramas, and trying new foods. Ironically, I've visited New York City more often while living in Philly than while living in the state of New York (although living in Ithaca might explain that). Nevertheless, my visits have given me just enough a taste of NYC to make me very excited to experience living there, and I'm looking very much forward to the research environment of Columbia as well as the food and culture of New York.
Soyeon Park