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Mentors 2009

Department of Biological Sciences
Dr. Martin Chalfie:
Developmental genetics of identified nerve cells in C. elegans
Dr. Larry Chasin:
Pre-mRNA splicing; molecular and computational approaches
Dr. Virginia Cornish:
Ribosome biochemistry
Dr. Stuart Firestein:
Cellular mechanisms and signal transduction of olfaction
Dr. Tulle Hazelrigg:
mRNA localization in Drosophila oocytes
Dr. John Hunt:
Biophysical and crystallographic studies of transmembrane transport, oxidative DNA repair, and novel physiological regulatory systems.
Dr. Songtao Jia:
Epigenetic regulation of the genome
Dr. Daniel Kalderon:
Hedgehog signaling in Drosophila development
Dr. Darcy Kelley:
Neurobiology of vocal communication and sexual differentiation
Dr. Ann McDermott:
Solid-state NMR studies of enzyme mechanism and membrane protein structure
Dr. Elizabeth Miller:
Protein folding, assembly, and the regulation of intracellular protein transport
Dr. Dana Pe'er:
The function and organization of molecular networks
Dr. Ron Prywes:
Growth factor regulation of gene expression
Dr. Mike Sheetz:
Cell motility, motor molecules, & integrin-cytoskeleton interactions
Dr. Brent Stockwell:
Diagramming disease networks with chemical and biological tools
Dr. Liang Tong:
Protein structure of enzymes involved in fatty acid metabolism
Dr. Jian Yang:
Structure, function, and regulation of ion channels
Dr. Rafa Yuste:
Function of the cortical microcircuit

Department of Biomedical Engineering
Dr. Gerard Ateshian:
Tissue engineering and cell mechanics
Dr. Edward Guo:
Bone tissue biomechanics
Dr. Andreas Hieschler:
Tomographic medical instrument development
Dr. Elizabeth Hillman:
Optical imaging of living tissues
Dr. Clark Hung:
Cell and tissue engineering
Christopher Jacobs:
How do bones sense and respond to mechanical stimuli?
Dr. Lance Kam:
Biophysics of cell signalling
Dr. Elisa Konofagou: (lab located at CUMC)
Novel Elasticity techniques such as breast elastography & ligament elastography
Dr. Andrew Laine:
Multi-resolution analysis in medical imaging
Dr. Helen Lu:
Design of novel composite biomaterials for implantation
Dr. Jeremy Mao:
Stem cells and multi-lineage differentiation pathways
Dr. Barclay Morrison:
Neurotrauma and repair
Dr. Paul Sajda:
Computational modeling and advanced neuroimaging to infer circuitry and circuit properties of visual cortex
Dr. Samuel Sia:
Microfabrication of tissues; diagnostic devices for global health
Dr. Gordana Vunjak-Novakovic: (lab located at CUMC)
Tissue engineering and stem cells

Department of Chemistry
Dr. Ruben Gonzalez:
Ribosomal protein synthesis
Dr. Laura Kaufman:
Study of cell migration by means of optical microscopy

Department of Chemical Engineering
Dr. Mark Borden:
Biocolliod fabrication for drug targeting
Dr. Jingyue Ju:
Molecular tags for biological optical labeling and imaging

Department of Computer Science
Dr. Itsik Pe'er:
Computational methods in human genetics

Department of Electrical Engineering
John Kymissis:
Technologies for large-area electronics and optoelectronics
Tony Heinz:
Lasers, non-linear optics, light/matter interactions
Ken Shepard:
Flourescence imagine with CMOS devices

Department of Mechanical Engineering
James Hone:
Micro- and nanofabrication techniques
Jung-Chi Liao:
Dynamics of cell reprogramming toward induced pluripotent stem cells

Department of Psychology
Dr. Frances Champagne
Neurobiology of maternal care and epigenetic mechanisms of transmission of behavior across generations
Dr. Norma Graham:
Mathematical models of visual perception
Dr. Carl Hart: (lab located at CUMC)
Drug effects on workplace-relevant behaviors
Dr. Joy Hirsch: (lab located at CUMC)
Neurocircuitory of the mind
Dr. Don Hood:
Physiological bases of visual processes
Dr. Hakwan Lau:
Conscious visual perception
Dr. Janet Metcalfe:
Metacognition, evolution of self-reflective consciousness
Dr. Rae Silver:
Neurobiological basis of circadian rhythms
Dr. Herbert Terrace: (lab located at CUMC)
Primate cognition lab
Dr. Sarah Woolley:
Neural basis and behavior of social communication

Columbia University – Health Sciences Campus

Anatomy and Cell Biology
Dr. Liza Pon:
Role of the actin cytoskeleton
Dr. Lorna Role:
Cholinergic neurons in the mammalian brain

Biochemistry and Molecular Biophysics
Dr. Joachim Frank:
Cryo-electron microscopy and 3D reconstruction of protein biosynthesis
Dr. Stephen Goff:
Retrovirus replication; tyrosine kinases and signal transduction
Dr. Maxwell Gottesman:
Transcription termination in E. coli and bacteriophage
Dr. Eric Greene:
DNA recombination and repair
Dr. Alla Grishok:
Short RNAs regulation of chromatin and gene expression in C. elegans
Dr. Oliver Hobert:
Genetic programs that control neural development in C. elegans
Dr. Thomas Jessell:
Vertebrate neuronal differentiation, axon guidance, and cell recognition
Dr. Richard Mann:
Control of pattern formation by homeotic genes and their downstream targets in Drosophila

Genetics & Development
Dr. Tim Bestor:
The effect of nuclear organization and DNA methyltransferases on epigenetic gene expression
Dr. Frank Costantini:
Molecular genetics of mammalian development
Dr. Laura Johnston:
Cell cycle control and growth during development
Dr. Benjamin Ohlstein:
Intestinal stem cells in Drosophila
Dr. Virginia Papaioannou:
The role of T-box genes in mammalian embryogenesis and organogenesis
Dr. Rodney Rothstein:
Yeast genetics and cellular responses to DNA damage in cancer
Dr. Gary Struhl:
Drosophila developmental genetics

Dr. Jonathan Barasch:
Kidney organogenesis
Dr. William Blaner:
Retinol metabolism
Dr. Ira Goldberg:
Roles of lipoprotein lipase in plasma lipoprotein regulation and in acquisition of lipid by tissues
Dr. Li-Shin Huang:
ApoB secretion and hepatic lipid metabolism

Dr. Jonathan Dworkin:
Protein localization and chromosome segregation in Bacillus subtilis
Dr. David Fidock:
Plasmodium falciparum malaria parasite biology
Dr. Gabriele Grunig:
Lung immunology
Dr. Adam Ratner:
Bacterial pathogenesis and innate immunity
Dr. Christian Schindler:
Cytokine signal transduction and its role in the immune response
Dr. Howard Shuman:
ATP-driven transporters and host-pathogen interactions
Dr. Saul Silverstein:
Gene expression in human herpes and papilloma virus infected cells
Dr. Lorraine Symington:
Genetics and biochemistry of DNA recombination and repair in yeast

Dr. Donald Landry:
Medical application of artificial enzymes; pathogenesis of vasodilatory shock

Dr. Sander Connolly:
Molecular mechanisms of neuronal death
Dr. Scott Small:
Correlations of memory and changes in the hippocampal formation using fMRI imaging in normal aging and in Alzheimer disease

Dr. Gloria Su:
Molecular genetics of head and neck squamous cell carcinoma and pancreatic ductal adenocarcinoma

Dr. Asa Abeliovich:
Neurodegeneration and the life cycle of dopamine neurons
Dr. Mitchell Cairo:
Cell biology of dendritic cells, T-cells, and NK cells
Dr. Peter Canoll:
Glioma cell migration and proliferation
Dr. Gilbert Di Paolo:
Role of phosphoinositides in organelle trafficking, cytoskeletal dynamics and disease-related processes
Dr. Phyllis Faust:
Human neural migration disorder using the Pex2 mouse model
Dr. Jan Kitajewski:
Wnt and Notch genes in tumorigenesis and vascular development
Dr. Tae-Wan Kim:
Molecular mechanisms in Alzheimer's disease
Dr. Ron Liem:
Neuronal cytoskeleton and neurodegenerative disease
Dr. Yinghui Mao:
Kinetochore microtubule attachment, chromosome movement, and mitotic checkpoints
Dr. Carol Mason:
Axon guidance and synaptogenesis
Dr. Cathy Mendelsohn:
Molecular pathways controlling the development of the urogenital system
Dr. Ramon Parsons:
Genetics of breast cancer tumorigenesis
Dr. Steven Spitalnik:
Biochemistry, cell biology, and immunology of glycoproteins and glycolipids
Dr. Carol Troy:
Molecular mechanisms of neuronal death
Dr. Stephen Tsang:
Retinal degeneration

Dr. William Dauer:
Molecular and cellular mechanisms of motor system disease
Dr. Jonathan Javitch:
Antagonist binding and specificity of G coupled receptors
Dr. Alice Prince:
Bacterial induction of cytokine signaling in epithelial cells
Dr. Richard Robinson:
Cardiac ion channel function and autonomic signaling cascades
Dr. Michael Rosen:
Heart development
Dr. Steven Siegelbaum:
Ion channel structure and function

Physiology and Cell Biophysics
Dr. Wes Grueber:
Mechanisms of dendritic morphogenesis and patterning
Dr. Brian McCabe:
Molecular genetics of synaptic development and plasticity in Drosophila
Dr. Ning Qian:
Computational modeling of neural systems and visual psychophysics
Dr. Samuel Silverstein (Dr. John Loike):
Structure and functions of innate immunity and related diseases

Dr. Vincent Ferera:
Neural basis of selective attention and visually guided behavior
Dr. René Hen
Neurobiology of learning and memory
Dr. John Martin
Motor development and motor recovery after spinal cord injury


Dr. Jeffrey Bruce:
Brain tumors
Dr. Ann Marie Schmidt
RAGE and mechanisms linked to diabetes, cancer, inflammation

New York State Psychiatric Institute
Dr. Alex Dranovsky
Neuro-circuitry of psychiatric disease
Dr. Jay Gingrich:
Genetic dissection of complex signaling pathways in schizophrenia
Dr. John Mann:
Serotonin and a predisposition for suicide
Dr. Holly Moore:
Learned fear and the neuropathology of schizophrenia
Dr. Stephen Rayport:
Drug action and synaptic function in rat mesolimbic dopamine neurons; relevancy to addiction and schizophrenia