The Faculty of the College awards honors at graduation to a small fraction of seniors who excel in their major. In the Biological Sciences Department, honors will be recommended for graduating seniors who:

To apply for honors at graduation, students should be sure to submit to the Department Office -located in 600 Fairchild:

1) their calculated GPA for majors courses (all the courses required for the major, not just Biology courses)

2) their transcript (an unofficial transcript, printed from Student Services Online, is fine)

3) a copy of the final paper prepared for their Independent Research course or the the equivalent; plus a one-page double-spaced summary of their results written in English. 4) a recommendation for honors from their research supervisor,

These items should be received by the Departmental Office no later than the day after spring break of the student's eighth and final semester.

Not all seniors who qualify for honors necessarily receive them because only a fixed percentage of students in each department may receive honors.

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