Requirements for a Concentration in Biology
Last update:  August 2001

I. Required Biology Courses

  1. Two introductory biology courses:
  2. One lecture course from this list of core courses:
  3. One of these two options to fulfill the lab requirement:
  4. Note: C3500 (Independent research) may not be used to fulfill the laboratory requirement for the concentration.

  5. One or two additional biology lecture courses, level 3000 or above, to reach the total of 22 points required for the concentration. Either W2501 or a five-point lab course, but not both, may count towards the 22 point total. Current offerings include the core courses listed above and:

II. Required Science and Math Courses

  1. One of the following three groups of Chemistry courses:
    • C1403-C1404-C1504 - General Chemistry and Lab
      C3443-C3444-C3543 - Organic Chemistry and Lab

    • C2407-C2507 - Intensive General Chemistry and Intensive Lab
      C3443-C3444-C3543 - Organic Chemistry and Lab

    • C2507 - Intensive General Chemistry Lab
      C3045-C3046-C3543 - Intensive Organic Chemistry and Lab
  2. Two semesters of physics are required, including the accompanying labs.  The usual choices are General physics (W1201-W1202) and labs (V1291-V1292) or Honors general physics (V1301-V1302) and labs (V1391-V1392).
  3. The math requirement can be fulfilled by taking any of these:
    • Two semesters of calculus
    • One semester of calculus plus one semester of statistics, with advisor's permission
    • For students with AP credit, completion of Calculus II A (V1102), Calculus IIS (V1106) or Honors mathematics III (V1207) is sufficient;  however, students with AP credit are encouraged to take additional courses in math or statistics at Columbia.


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Dr. Deborah Mowshowitz,
Director of Undergraduate Programs
Department of Biological Sciences
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