Requirements for the Biology Major
Last update: August 2001

I. Required Biology Courses

  1. Two introductory biology courses:
  2. Two lecture courses from this list of core courses:
  3. One of the following choices to fulfill the lab requirement:

    Summer lab work under other auspices may not be substituted for SURF.  Paid laboratory work may not be substituted for SURF or C3500.  C3600 is strongly recommended as a co-requisite for C3500.

  4. Two additional 3000- or 4000- level courses. Current offerings include those listed in 2. and 3. above, and the following:

II. Other Required Courses

  1. Chemistry:  One of the following three groups of  chemistry courses is required:
  2. Physics: Two semesters of physics are required, including the accompanying labs.  The usual choices are General physics (W1201-W1202) and labs (V1291-V1292) or Honors general physics (V1301-V1302) and labs (V1391-V1392). Higher level physics sequences are ok too. 
  3. Math:  The math requirement can be fulfilled by taking any one of these:

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Dr. Deborah Mowshowitz,
Director of Undergraduate Programs
Department of Biological Sciences
Columbia University