Requirements for the Biophysics Major
Last update: August 2001

I. Required Biology Courses

  1. Three biology lecture courses:
  2. One of the following biology lab courses:
  3. One of the following biochemistry courses (listed in bulletin as biol-chem not biochem):

II. Required Physics Courses

  1. One of the following sequences of physics courses (completed by the end of the sophomore year)
  2. Any two physics courses at 3000-level or above, chosen in consultation with the advisor.

III. Required Math and Other Science Courses

  1. The following math courses
  2. One of these three sequences of courses in chemistry

IV.  Additional Course Requirements

One additional 3000- or 4000-level course from physics or biology, chosen in consultation with the advisor.

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Dr. Deborah Mowshowitz,
Director of Undergraduate Programs
Department of Biological Sciences
Columbia University