Requirements for a major in Biochemistry in GS
Revised August 2001

I. Required Biology & Biochemistry Courses

  1. The first semester of the introductory biology course:
  2. Two Semesters of Biochemistry & Molecular Biology
  3. One of the following:

II. Required Chemistry Courses

  1. One Year each of General Chemistry & Organic Chemistry:

        F1403 - F1404 General chemistry and F3443 - F3444 Organic chemistry I and II. 
    The Columbia College equivalents may be taken instead with the permission of the chemistry advisor.

    2. The following physical chemistry courses (two semesters):

                C3079- C3080 - Physical chemistry I and II

III. Required Laboratory Courses

  1. One general chemistry lab:
  2. One organic chemistry lab:
  3. One of these upper-level biology labs:
  4. At least one of these upper-level chemistry or biology labs:

**You can take only one term of F3403, but you usually learn much more if you work in the same lab for a more extended period. If you plan to do lab research, we recommend two terms of F3403 (4 pts each) or one term + a summer in the same laboratory. (Even if only one term is applied toward the major.) Students who satisfactorily complete both one term of F3403 and SURF in the same lab are considered to have completed all their upper-level lab requirements (3 & 4 above).  SURF may  be used in lieu of the lab requirement only if combined with one semester of F3403; summer lab work under other auspices may not be substituted for SURF. Paid laboratory work may not be substituted for any of these requirements. 


IV. Required Physics and Math Courses

  1. One year of physics -- any of the 2 term, calculus based, sequences (numbered 1300 or above) are acceptable. See the intro to the physics section of the bulletin for a more detailed comparison of the various courses. The choices are:
  2. One of these pairs of math courses:
    • Math V1105 - V1106 Calculus IS and IIS
    • Math V1101 - V1102 Calculus IA and IIA

V. Additional Course Requirements:  Any three of these:

  1. Math courses:
    • V1201 or V1205 - Calculus IIIA  or IIIS/IVA
  2. Chemistry courses:
    • C3071 Introduction to inorganic chemistry
    • G4104 Advanced inorganic chemistry II
    • G4147 Advanced organic chemistry
    • G4172 Bio-organic topics
    • G4221 Quantum chemistry I
  3. Biology courses: Any course at the 3000/4000 level.  The following are recommended:

VI. Recommended Seminar Courses (not required)

  1. Biology C2908 First-year seminar in modern biology
  2. Chemistry C2408 First-year seminar

See  Biochemistry Advisors' location and office hours