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Columbia University - Morningside Heights

Biological Sciences
Dr. Chloe Bulinski:
Function of the cytoskeleton during the cell cycle and differentiation
Dr. Martin Chalfie:
Developmental genetics of identified nerve cells in C. elegans
Dr. Larry Chasin:
Pre-mRNA splicing; molecular and computational approaches
Dr. Lars Dietrich
Bacterial models for biological shape and pattern formation
Dr. Julio Fernandez :
Single molecule mechanics and engineering
Dr. Stuart Firestein:
Cellular mechanisms and signal transduction of olfaction
Dr. Iva Greenwald:
Genetic analysis of LIN-12/Notch signaling in C. elegans
Dr. Tulle Hazelrigg:
Epigenetic regulation of gene expression in Drosophila
Dr. Oliver Hobert:
Genetic programs that control neural development in C. elegans
Dr. John Hunt:
Structural biology of transmembrane transport
Dr. Songtao Jia:
Epigenetic regulation of the genome
Dr. Daniel Kalderon:
Hedgehog signaling in Drosophila development
Dr. Darcy Kelley:
Neurobiology of vocal communication and sexual differentiation
Dr. James Manley:
mRNA transcription, splicing, and processing
Dr. Ann McDermott:
NMR studies of enzyme mechanism and membrane protein structure
Dr. Dana Pe'er:
The function and organization of molecular networks
Dr. Carol Prives:
Cancer and p53
Dr. Ozgur Sahin:
Imaging and Modeling Biology at Physical Extremes
Dr. Brent Stockwell:
Diagramming disease networks with chemical and biological tools
Dr. Liang Tong:
Protein structure of enzymes involved in fatty acid metabolism
Dr. Alexander Tzagoloff:
Mitochondrial biogenesis
Dr. Jian Yang:
Structure, function and regulation of ion channels
Dr. Rafael Yuste:
Function of the cortical microcircuit

Biomedical Engineering
Dr. Edward Guo:
Bone tissue biomechanics
Dr. Elizabeth Hillman:
Optical imaging of living tissue
Dr. Hayden Huang:
Cell responses to physical stimuli and signalling
Dr. Clark Hung:
Cell and tissue engineering
Dr. Lance Kam:
Immune synapse affects T cell function
Dr. Elisa Konofagou:
Elasticity techniques such as breast & ligament elastography
Dr. Helen Lu:
Design of novel composite biomaterials for implantation
Dr. Barclay Morrison:
Neurotrauma and repair
Dr. Paul Sajda:
Computational modeling and neuroimaging of visual cortex
Dr. Samuel Sia:
Microfabrication of tissues; diagnostic devices for global health
Dr. Gordana Vunjak-Novakovic:
Tissue engineering and stem cells

Dr. Virginia Cornish:
Ribosome biochemistry
Dr. Ruben Gonzalez:
Ribosomal protein synthesis
Dr. Laura Kaufman :
Cancer cell invasion in novel biopolymer gels
Dr. Wei Min:
Imaging of lipid storage and metabolism in C. elegans

Computer Science
Dr. Itsik Pe'er:
Computational methods in human genetics

Ecology, Evolution, Environmental Biology
Dr. Dustin Rubenstein:
Evolutionary costs and benefits of sociality

Mechanical Engineering
Dr. Gerard Ateshian:
Tissue engineering and cell mechanics
Dr. Kristin Myers:
Mechanics of the cervix during pregnancy

Dr. Frances Champagne
Epigenetic mechanisms of transgenerational behavior transmission
Dr. James Curley:
Neurobiology of complex social behaviors
Dr. Don Hood:
Physiological bases of visual processes
Dr. Rae Silver:
Neurobiological basis of circadian rhythms
Dr. Herbert Terrace: (lab located at CUMC)
Primate cognition lab
Dr. Sarah Woolley:
Neural basis and behavior of social communication

Barnard College - Morningside Campus

Biological Sciences
Dr. Liz Bauer:
Biological mechanisms of emotional learning and memory
Dr. John Glendinning:
Physiology of food likes and dislikes
Dr. Jennifer Mansfield:
Genetic programs of axial tissue development
Dr. Jonathan Snow:
How honey bees fight off microbes?

Dr. John Magyar:
Microbial metal uptake and regulation

Dr. Peter Balsam: (lab located at CUMC)
Learning and adaptive behavior

Columbia University – Health Sciences Campus

Dr. Jose Moron-Concepcion (2nd PI on website):
Opioid addiction and pain

Biochemistry and Molecular Biophysics
Dr. Joachim Frank:
Cryo-electron microscopy and 3D reconstruction of proteins
Dr. Stephen Goff:
Retrovirus replication; tyrosine kinases & signal transduction
Dr. Maxwell Gottesman:
Transcription termination in E. coli and bacteriophage
Dr. Eric Greene:
DNA recombination and repair
Dr. Iva Greenwald:
Genetic analysis of LIN-12/Notch signaling in C. elegans
Dr. Richard Mann:
Homeotic gene function and their downstream targets in Drosophila
Dr. Chaolin Zhang:
Neuronal RNA-regulatory networks

Dental Medicine
Dr. Jeremy Mao:
Stem cells and multi-lineage differentiation pathways

Genetics & Development
Dr. Tim Bestor:
The effect of "DNA methylation in sex cells"
Dr. Frank Costantini:
Genetics of mouse kidney development
Dr. Laura Johnston:
Cell cycle control and growth during development
Dr. Benjamin Ohlstein:
Intestinal stem cells in Drosophila
Dr. Virginia Papaioannou:
T-box genes in mammalian embryogenesis and organogenesis
Dr. Rodney Rothstein:
Yeast genetics and cellular responses to DNA damage in cancer
Dr. Mimi Shirasu-Hiza:
The circadian clock's regulation of immune function in Drosophila
Dr. Gary Struhl:
Drosophila developmental genetics
Dr. Lori Sussel:
Mouse pancreatic islet differentiation and development

Dr. Armin Alaedini:
Immunologic mechanisms in neuropsychiatric disease
Dr. Jonathan Barasch:
Kidney organogenesis
Dr. Li-Shin Huang:
ApoB secretion and hepatic lipid metabolism
Dr. Anne-Catrin Uhlemann:
Evolution of carbapenem-resistant Enterobacteriacae infections

Microbiology and Immunology
Dr. Riccardo Della-Favera:
Genetics of human B cell tumors
Dr. Jonathan Dworkin:
Protein localization and chromosome segregation in Bacillus subtilis
Dr. Stephen Emerson/Jennifer Punt:
Blood stem cell development
Dr. David Fidock:
Plasmodium falciparum malaria parasite biology
Dr. Matthew Hayden:
Cytokine Signaling in Chronic Inflammation
Dr. Adam Ratner:
Bacterial pathogenesis and innate immunity
Dr. Steven Reiner:
Mammalian immune response
Dr. Steven Reizis:
Immune System Development
Dr. Christian Schindler:
Cytokine signal transduction and its role in the immune response
Dr. Saul Silverstein:
Gene expression in human herpes and papillomavirus infected cells
Dr. Megan Sykes:
Bone marrow transplantation and immunology
Dr. Lorraine Symington:
Genetics and biochemistry of DNA recombination and repair

Dr. Donald Landry:
Pathogenesis of vasodilatory shock

Dr. Randy Bruno:
Neuronal networks in the rodent whisker-barrel system
Dr. James Goldman:
Neuron and glial cell fate determination
Dr. Robert Hawkins:
Gene regulation during classical conditioning
Dr. Kenneth Miller:
Modeling of brain circuitry, and development
Dr. Serge Przedborski:
Mechanisms in neurodegeneration

Dr. Elizabeth Olson:
Auditory mechanics
Dr. Gloria Su:
Head & neck carcinoma and pancreatic ductal adenocarcinoma

Pathology & Cell Biology
Dr. Cory Abate-Shen:
Treatments and detection of prostrate and bladder cancer
Dr. Asa Abeliovich:
Neurodegeneration and the life cycle of dopamine neurons
Dr. Julie Canman:
Molecular regulation and mechanics of cell division
Dr. Peter Canoll:
Glioma cell migration and proliferation
Dr. Aldofo Ferrando:
T-cell transformation in acute lymphoblastic leukemia
Dr. Rebecca Haeusler:
Cholesterol metabolism in diabetes
Dr. Steve Kernie:
The role of stem cells in neuronal repair
Dr. Tae-Wan Kim:
Molecular mechanisms in Alzheimer's disease
Dr. Ed Laufer:
The role of stem cells and Shh in the adrenal cortex
Dr. Yinghui Mao:
Cell cycle, division and chromosome movement
Dr. Carol Mason:
Axon guidance and synaptogenesis
Dr. Cathy Mendelsohn:
Molecular control of the development of the urogenital system
Dr. Kenneth Olive:
Translational therapeutics in pancreatic cancer
Dr. David Owens:
Epidermal stem cells
Dr. Liza Pon:
Role of the actin cytoskeleton
Dr. Steven Spitalnik:
Glycoproteins and glycolipids
Dr. Carol Troy:
Molecular mechanisms of neuronal death
Dr. Stephen Tsang:
Retinal degeneration
Dr. Harris Wang:
Probiotic Engineering
Dr. Hynek Wichterle:
Human Nervous system development
Dr. Shan Zha:
DNA break repair

Dr. Kimara Targoff:
Zebrafish modeling of cardiac development 

Dr. Alice Prince:
Bacterial induction of cytokine signaling in epithelial cells
Dr. Michael Rosen:
Heart development
Dr. Steven Siegelbaum:
Ion channel structure and function

Physiology and Cell Biophysics
Dr. Brian McCabe:
Molecular genetics of synaptic development and plasticity in Drosophila
Dr. Ning Qian:
Computational modeling of neural systems and visual psychophysics
Dr. Samuel Silverstein (Dr. John Loike):
Structure and functions of innate immunity and related diseases

Dr. Christine Denny:
Optogenetic dissection of memory in Alzheimer’s 
Dr. Vincent Ferrera:
Neural basis of selective attention and visually guided behavior
Dr. Joshua Gordon:
Systems neuroscience of psychiatric disease models
Dr. René Hen:
Neurobiology of learning and memor

Dr. Jeffrey Bruce:
Brain tumors

New York State Psychiatric Institute
Dr. Maura Boldrini:
Human brain neuroplasticity in stress and disease
Dr. Alex Dranovsky:
Neuro-circuitry of psychiatric disease
Dr. Jay Gingrich:
Genetic dissection of complex signaling pathways in schizophrenia
Dr. Jonathan Javitch:
Structure, function & regulation of receptors and transporters
Dr. John Mann:
Serotonin and a predisposition for suicide
Dr. Holly Moore:
Learned fear and the neuropathology of schizophrenia
Dr. Stephen Rayport: