Department Listing: Political Science Courses in the Summer 2019 Semester
     Number Sec  Call#      Pts  Title                           Day Time          Room Building        Faculty
                 L App Activity  Subject

POLS S1101  001  17381           POLITICAL THEORY I              MW 9:00am-12:10p  412 Pupin Laborator  Macinnis, Luke S
POLS S1111  001  25822           POLITICAL THEORY I-DISC         MW 12:10pm-1:00p  224 Pupin Laborator  Mueser, Benjamin W
POLS S1201  001  60252           INTRO TO AMER GOVT & POLITICS   MW 1:00pm-4:10pm  711 International A  Russell, Judith
POLS S1211  001  23390           INTRO TO AMER GOVT & POL- DISC  MW 4:10pm-5:00pm  711 International A  Libonate, Casey S
POLS S1601  001  16911           INTRO TO INT'L RELATIONS        MW 5:30pm-8:40pm  313 Hamilton Hall    Hiroshima, Sean K
POLS S1611  001  76859           INTRO TO INT'L RELATIONS-DISC   MW 8:40pm-9:30pm  313 Hamilton Hall    McCarthy, Bryn A
POLS S3290  001  67948           VOTING AND AMERICAN POLITICS    MW 1:00pm-4:10pm  609 Hamilton Hall    Miller, Michael
POLS S3296  001  75643           REFORMING AMERICAN ELECTIONS    MW 9:00am-12:00p  337 Seeley W. Mudd   Miller, Michael
POLS S3500  002  10893      1-6  INDEPENDENT RESEARCH                                                   Wichowski, Alexis
                 L     INDEPEND  Political Science                                                      
POLS S3500  003  11704      1-6  INDEPENDENT RESEARCH                                                   Nathan, Andrew J
                 L     INDEPEND  Political Science                                                      
POLS S4316  001  66732           THE AMERICAN PRESIDENCY         TR 1:00pm-4:10pm  609 Hamilton Hall    Pious, Richard M

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