Department Listing: Public Health Courses in the Summer 2019 Semester
     Number Sec  Call#      Pts  Title                           Day Time          Room Building        Faculty
                 L App Activity  Subject

RESI P0001  001  82280        0  1-RESIDENCE UNIT-PUBLIC HEALTH                                         
                       INDEPEND  Residence Unit                                                         
RESI P0002  001  12147        0  1/2-PH RESIDENCE UNIT                                                  
                       INDEPEND  Residence Unit                                                         
PUBH P0003  001  63279        0  MASTERS F/T EXTENDED RESIDENCE                                         
                       PRACTICA  Public Health (PUBH)                                                   
PUBH P0004  001  66546        0  MASTERS  P/T EXTENDED RESIDENC                                         
                       PRACTICA  Public Health (PUBH)                                                   
PUBH P0006  001  90996      0-6  ACCELERATED SUMMER INSTRUCTION                                         
                       PRACTICA  Public Health (PUBH)                                                   

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L Limited Enrollment
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T Tuesday
W Wednesday
R Thursday
F Friday
S Saturday
U Sunday
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