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Fall 2014 Anthropology V1009 section 001

Call Number 09332
Day & Time
TR 1:10pm-2:25pm
To be announced
Points 3
Approvals Required None
Instructor Stephen Scott
Course Description This course focuses on the political ecology of the anthropocene. As multiple publics become increasingly aware of the extensive and accelerated rate of current global environmental change, and the presence of anthropogenesis in ever expanding circumstances, we need to critically analyze the categories of thought and action being developed in order to carefully approach this change. Our concern is thus not so much the Anthropocene as an immutable fact, inevitable event, or definitive period of time {significant though these are) but rather for the political, social, and intellectual consequences of this important idea. Thus we seek to understand the creativity of "The Anthropocene" as a political, rhetorical, and social category. We also aim to examine the networks of capital and power that have given rise to the current state of planetary change, the strategies for ameliorating those changes, and how these are simultaneously implicated in the rhetorical creation of "The Anthropocene" Priority given to Majors in Anthropology.  Enrollment limit is 60.
Web Site CourseWorks
Department Anthropology @Barnard
Enrollment 52 students (60 max) as of 7:28PM Sunday, July 27, 2014
Subject Anthropology
Number V1009
Section 001
Division Interschool
Open To Barnard, Columbia College, General Studies
Campus Barnard College
Section key 20143ANTH1009V001

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