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Fall 2018 English CC1010 section 140

Call Number 16398
Day & Time
TR 1:10pm-2:25pm
201D Philosophy Hall
Points 3
Approvals Required None
Instructor Olivia L Rutigliano
Course Description University Writing helps undergraduates engage in the conversations that form our intellectual community. By reading and writing about scholarly and popular essays, students learn that writing is a process of continual refinement of ideas. Rather than approaching writing as an innate talent, this course teaches writing as a learned skill. We give special attention to textual analysis, research, and revision practices. University Writing offers the following themed sections, all of which welcome students with no prior experience studying the theme. Students interested in a particular theme should register for the section within the specified range of section numbers. UW: Contemporary Essays (sections from 001 to 099). Features contemporary essays from a variety of fields. UW: Readings in Music (sections in the 070s). Features essays that analyze the politics, histories, communities, philosophies, and techniques of music-making, from the classical to the contemporary. UW: Readings in American Studies (sections in the 100s). Features essays that explore the culture, history, and politics that form American identity. UW: Readings in Gender and Sexuality (sections in the 200s). Features essays that examine relationships among sex, gender, sexuality, race, class, and other forms of identity. UW: Readings in Film and the Performance Arts (sections in the 300s). Features essays that analyze the politics, histories, communities, philosophies, and techniques of the various art forms. UW: Readings in Human Rights (sections in the 400s). Features essays that investigate the ethics of belonging to a community and issues of personhood, identity, representation, and action. UW: Readings in Data Sciences (sections in the 500s). Features essays that study how our data-saturated society challenges conceptions of cognition, autonomy, identity, and privacy. UW: Readings in Medical-Humanities (sections in the 600s). Features essays that explore the disciplines of biomedical ethics and medical anthropology, to challenge our basic assumptions about medicine, care, sickness, and health. UW: Readings in Law and Justice (sections in the 700s). Features essays that study core questions of law and justice and that have important implications for our lives. University Writing for International Students (sections in the 900s). Open only to international students, these se
Web Site Vergil
Department English and Comparative Literature
Enrollment 13 students (14 max) as of 11:58PM Monday, December 17, 2018
Subject English
Number CC1010
Section 140
Division Columbia College
Open To Columbia College, Engineering and Applied Science: Undergraduate
Campus Morningside
Section key 20183ENGL1010C140

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