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Spring 2021 Greek GR8016 section AU1
Democracy and Its Discontents in Late Fi
Democracy and Its Discont

Call Number 19864
Points 0
Grading Mode Ungraded
Approvals Required None
Instructor Elizabeth W Scharffenberger
Method of Instruction On-Line Only
Course Description This course examines the distinctive political and social experiment with dêmokratia (literally, “the power of the people”) in Athens during the classical period. We focus initially on what we know about the origins and transformations of Athenian democracy, its key political institutions and social arrangements, especially as they developed in the last half of the 5th century BCE, and the relationship of democratic governance in the city with the rise of Athenian thalassocracy in Aegean Sea and beyond, which eventually brought Athens into major military conflicts with other Hellenic city-states during the 450s BCE and culminated in what has come to be known (largely thanks to Thucydides) as the Peloponnesian War (431-404 BCE).
Web Site Vergil
Department Auditing
Enrollment 3 students (3 max) as of 3:03PM Saturday, March 6, 2021
Status Full
Subject Greek
Number GR8016
Section AU1
Division Graduate School of Arts and Sciences
Open To Audit Program
Campus Morningside
Section key 20211GREK8016GAU1

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