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Spring 2018 History GU4110 section 001

Call Number 61232
Day & Time
T 2:10pm-4:00pm
301M Fayerweather
Points 4
Approvals Required Instructor
Instructor Pierre Force - e-mail, homepage
Course Description A study of the French Atlantic World from the exploration of Canada to the Louisiana Purchase and Haitian Independence, with a focus on the relationship between war and trade, forms of intercultural negotiation, the economics of slavery, and the changing meaning of race. The demise of the First French Colonial Empire occurred in two stages: the British victory at the end of the Seven Years War in 1763, and the proclamation of Haitian Independence by insurgent slaves in 1804. The first French presence in the New World was the exploration of the Gulf of St. Lawrence by Jacques Cartier in 1534. At its peak the French Atlantic Empire included one-third of the North American continent, as well as the richest and most productive sugar and coffee plantations in the world. By following the history of French colonization in North America and the Caribbean, this class aims to provide students with a different perspective on the history of the Western hemisphere, and on US history itself. At the heart of the subject is the encounter between Europeans and Native Americans and between Europeans and Africans. We will focus the discussion on a few issues: the strengths and weaknesses of French imperial control as compared with the Spanish and the British; the social, political, military, and religious dimensions of relations with Native Americans; the extraordinary prosperity and fragility of the plantation system; evolving notions of race and citizenship; and how the French Atlantic Empire shaped the history of the emerging United States. The course is designed for advanced undergraduates. It will be open to graduate students by permission of the History DGS and the instructor.
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Department History
Enrollment 9 students (15 max) as of 11:52PM Wednesday, July 18, 2018
Subject History
Number GU4110
Section 001
Division Interfaculty
Open To School of the Arts, Barnard, Columbia College, Engineering and Applied Science: Undergraduate, Engineering and Applied Science: Graduate, Graduate School of Arts and Science, General Studies, School of Professional Studies, Global Programs, International and Public Affairs
Campus Morningside
Section key 20181HIST4110W001

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